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Something to take our mind off of the real world. Also, I found some good movies for the next 2-3 Friday's.

I'll start with 2 cat videos. Both are called The Secret Life of Cats. These are BBC produced TV shows. The first is about a kitten just born and growing up with lots of fun cat facts added. Did you know a cat cannot focus on anything closer than 12 inches? I didn't.

The second is about a village in England where a research team came in, spent a week, and wired up a big group of house cats with GPS then video for some. They did this to track cat patterns, territories, times of movement during the day/night, etc. It's neat tech and fun plus the last 10 minutes are surprising.

My wife and I liked both of these shows.

The first video (46 min): kitten growing up
kitten growing video link (click to play)

Download link for Kitten Grows up (save this link instead of just clicking it)

The second video (58 min): Wired cat village
Wired Cat Village (click to play)

Download link for Wired Cat Village (save this link instead of just clicking it)
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Loulou looks just like our little Rudi did,

Runtime - 1:52

More about Loulou our dachshund


Loulou is a kaninchen dachshund (also called rabbit dachshund). A kaninchen has a narrower chest size than a miniature. They don't know kaninchens in all countries, so they call it miniature. In the Netherlands you have 3 formats: kaninchen, dwarf (miniature) and standard. She has a single short-haired coat in the color black & tan.
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This thread has a handful of fun videos: A liger which is as tall as a man :eek: A flying shark being ridden by a bird, a peacock lookin' for love in all the wrong places, some turtles being released from loving duty after single..handedly..saving his species from extinction..some bears a tiger oh my..


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i de-stress with music. i find it very healing and have a couple favorites i fall back on., the soft jazz is one but christmas music not only de-stresses me but lights up0 my heart. there are so many lovely songs and melodies but here is a soft background super DE-STRESSING one i use a lot thru the year. i find christmas music sort of healing, ya know?


you can put this on and it will play for 10 hours, no fooling. it is lovely background music thru the day.