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This is what we woke up to on Sunday in Calgary AB maple.png
snowed all day and basically high of 0 degrees C (32 deg F).
Hard to believe that yesterday was 20 degrees C (68 deg F)
which up here is shorts and t-shirt weather and none of this fluff was anywhere to be seen.

Plus side is that the weatherman actually nailed the prediction last Friday:
so we got to enjoy a beautiful sunny day and then hunker down indoors on Sunday.
Gotta love when they get it right.

Rest of week is now:
spring 2.png
So what do you think of our roller coaster weather?


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one day I,m trying to dig my garden (still frozen)

next day I,m bundled up dodging sleet hail

still fire up the wood stove for the mornings

ice on my water buckets today

Jackpine Savage

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There are a few flakes in the air here this morning. It's not warming up very fast this spring in central MN. We are going to have three nights in the lower 20's.


Veteran Member Canucks have sent us a cold High that will be with us in the U.S. (traveling it's doomy butt WELL south BTW for all you "Southern Flowers") for the next 3-4 days. I have snow on the ground again here in N. Minnesota this morning.

Pass the Bailey's jug.

Gonna be in the 20's for a low tomorrow night. Well over 70 today, damn Canucks can keep their cold ass air. Sick of it already.


Makes me feel less guilty about not yet getting the tomatoes and peppers started. Have a few established lettuces and kale plants in hydro jars, but that is all.

New aquariums took the spare grow lights, and the new puppy has taken up all my time.


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Here in hot sunny Arizona we got about 5" of wet snow snow yesterday.
The moisture is really needed here and I am thankful for any we get.

Grouchy Granny

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I see that they upped the snow forecast total for Denver this morning - it's now 5-8 inches here in the lowlands. That's ok, we really need the moisture!

And by Sunday, back to 73. I need to get the one bed turned and the weeds dug out, so that will be just about perfect. In the meantime, the asparagus is finally starting to peek out and this year I can actually harvest some.