PRYR RQST Son needs prayers (Update post #86)


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Praying, may we have his first name? Is his daughter still in his life?

My son had a miracle in the hospital. God does work wonders.
His name is Adam. His daughter still isn’t talking to him. He’s alert, and the only noticeable damage is a slightly droopy lip. He has a brain bleed, but doesn’t require surgery so far. There is a spot showing that he is scared is a new brain lesion. We’re waiting for more tests. Thanks for all the prayers! We are all very grateful!!


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I'm so sorry to learn of the burdens besetting your dear son and family.
You all have my prayers during this demanding time.
..please remember to take extra good care of yourself, too, as you shepherd your loved ones through these crisis.


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Test results are in. The brain bleeds are caused by lesions. There are small lesions all over his brain. He’ll have to meet with his oncologist to see what’s next. Possibly full brain radiation and more chemo. We’re looking at the Tippens protocol and figuring out what he needs. The family will chip in on everything for him. He doesn’t have any really damage from the stroke.
We’re so grateful for all your prayers!! ❤️