Story So that your love may be complete.


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Mrs. Pac, Thank you so very much for blessing us with your stories. They do indeed provide much inspiration and wisdom.

Your recent post of "remember to thank God for the bounty he has blessed us with. Forget what you don't have, and perhaps yearn for. Learn to accept and work with what you've got," was just what I needed to hear today.

Thank you and God bless.


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Again Pac thank you for taking the time to Bless us with your gift of story telling and for sharing your wisdom with us. You are an amazing person who has taken a God given gift and shared it with us. Looking forward to the new saga when you can.
Windows 10 can be run from the desktop just like Win 7, Win 8 or win 8.1 I am sure that if you have a problem there are enough computer tek smart members reading to help you.


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The main problem I have discovered with 10, there is no right or left click. So how do you delete what you don't want. My spell check is a right click. So right now I'm back on the old one.

The drive in the old computer is freezing up, other wise I would never have considered switching. Is 10 smart enough to know what I want.

Obviously I haven't read the operating instructions as of yet. (you know....instructions! we don't need any stinkin instructions!)

I started the new story and it posted, so thank goodness for that.


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Pac... if Win10 is too hard to manage you might want to talk to your tech person to see if he can load "Classic Shell" onto your new machine...

It can make Win 10 look like Win 7.... I used it on my wifes Win8.1 machine when it was giving her too many problems.

It is found at:

(and Nope! I have no money interest in it! )

eta: if your old machine is freezing up a lot you might be able to try 'MalwareBytes' found at: or 'Housecall' (antivirus - my muke weapon of choice for Virii) found at
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Thank you all.

I am humbled beyond words at your compassion and prayers for someone you have never met. I have my Heavenly Fathers comfort and peace; but I have no sleep with my heart ache.

Two strokes back to back had left him comatose, and for a week he went without food and water. He was as strong in dying as he was in living. Finally his heart simply stopped. As a family we were reciting the Lord's Prayer by his bedside. It was his favorite.

There are many things to do when a loved one dies, and I don't have them all completed. Give me a couple more days to get myself together and then we shall see what mischief the clan has been up to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness. Pac.
PAC- 4 1/2 years later I shed tears for your loss. I have read this series from the beginning and most of the comments also as I go along and know.... The prayers for you and yours continue even now!