So a Black Guy Takes His White Buddies To The Gun Range . . .


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Funny yes - and maybe my tin foil is just a bit too tight today - but - could it also be a "subtle message" to those who hold their shootin' iorns side ways that they'd better get REAL when it comes to firearms?

you decide and let us know what you think :shr:

[video=youtube;T7ZBLkgeh7I] v=T7ZBLkgeh7I[/video]​


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I like Josh. Subscribed and watch many of them. You laugh then you think, unlike much of the internet where you think then you laugh at them.


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After the range time, out comes the giant cleaning kits, some the size of suit cases, cans and cans of gun cleaner, gun oil, full size towels and if it was a full shoot out, all windows and doors with fans blowing in and out of the living room, where a big screen is blaring and showing more shoot outs and things blowing up or neck shots on large game animals. Or red mist groundhog etc..shows.


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[video=youtube;T7ZBLkgeh7I] v=T7ZBLkgeh7I[/video]

That was the youtube format for the old board and originally posted in 2018.
I also had a difficult time getting youtube to accept it.
Finally, I did a search on youtube for just "T7ZBLkgeh7I" and it found it.
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