CHAT So, 15 months into our new software, your thoughts

Dennis Olson

Chief Curmudgeon
Here we are, 15 months into the new software. I’m very interested in your thoughts on it as opposed to our old vb software. Pro or con, I want to hear it.


Absolutely aces. It's run through some incredible conditions. Anything that survived the frenzy of last November HAS to be good stuff, and this certainly did that.

Love how it automatically posts the pictures in articles, for the most part. Used to be you'd have to put all that in manually. It seems to choke on tweets, but don't we all?


Contributing Member
All is ok but, the old software used to highlight threads you had either clicked on or posted to. that was good when you just wanted to quickly see responses.

Blue 5

Veteran Member
I haven't had any problems with the new format, so I'd say it's great so far. I don't post much but when I did that seemed to be easier on the new system. Quoting text for replies seems much simpler as well.

I'd say the new and improved version is a keeper.


TB Fanatic
only occasional issues:
Photo I have copied from an article to transfer is too large
Only 10 images can be posted to one post, so article must be split up
Magazine length articles (Revolver, Zero Hedge, Federalist) must be split into different posts.
There is also some symbol that I might post that seems to call up the stock emogi list
Once in a while, something will post with random strike throughs

Really is nice software, boss.


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I use the "TB2K Dark" color mode and its really easy on my old I use the "like/dislike" system all the time which tells me that many of us are on the same page in our world views.

Great software Dennis...You Did GOOD!!!!

Jeff B.

What is left when honor is lost?
I’m with the gang here... all good, I do like the mobile aspect very much!

Jeff B.


Has No Life - Lives on TB
The only thing I’ve noticed is while in the dance hall over the weekends it does weird things, sometimes locks up. Doesn’t allow posting sings at times without refreshing.

Other than that no problems.

Yeah ... me too ... all these years looking for the famous “time bomb” ... no more ?


Resident Spook
I really like the new software. It has a lot of really good features, and it is fast. I only have one concern.

Reaction scores. I can't find what this really means. We "think" it is attached to the "like" function.

The problem I have is that if I give a thumbs down on a post, it is generally for the content. That content is generally not from the poster, but from the information source. But it appears that the thumb down will have a negative, yet undefined impact on the users reaction score. I don't want to give a negative to the user, but to the content.

It would really be nice if we knew what these functions really did.