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Snow Days


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Compared to other winters is this typical snow weather for you all?

At our mountain place the road in (1,800 ft elevation) peaked at 42 inches of snow on the open road way. The other families on the road have been snowed in since mid last week. The fellas have been busy cutting up downed trees and trying to make tracks to be able to get down the mountain to state highway.

The highway was not plowed for a few days due to the low traffic and the need for the plows elsewhere.

Our one neighbor finally made it down to the highway late this afternoon.

His wife is a teacher and he is the lead maintenance fella at our school district so it was pretty important for them both to get to school this week.

The rest of the neighbors are oldsters and retired.

We are so thankful to be on the coast for my recovery time.

One of the neighbor gals said that this last round of storms was the most snow they have seen in the forty five years they have been on the homestead/ranch.

Another gal heard it was the most snow since 1918.

Anyhow we have a pineapple express atmospheric river headed our way and the flooding has begun statewide from all the snow.

Late this week another snow/cold front is supposed to be hitting North Calif.

Thanks for the pictures.


Has No Life - Lives on TB
Hey Sis,
We have had 3 or 4 winters like this since we have been here. 2007 was the worst. So far this one is like 2008 and 2009. Most of the time the heavy snow starts in Jan.

The folks up here say the 1960 and 70's were this bad here and in fact far worse. One of the guys who went to school in Anatone (when it still had the school) said that winter they had to climb out the 2ed story window of the school to get out that next few weeks and folks in town put the kids up because the ranchers couldn't get to town to get their kids and or the kids couldn't get home.

Glad to see you are are down out of a lot of the snow mess and that your neighbors are making it. So much of the winter left. Take care.