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Hemp yarn was mentioned in another thread. I was curious how it was processed so I went on youtube for a search. It appears that it is processed the same as flax. This guy used some medical marijuana stalks and put them through a small scale process. He seems to think that the fiber would be soft enough to wear, but it looks rather rough to me and not quite as fine as the flax I've seen. I wonder how it would be to spin. Likely better for rope at the stage he got it to.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqCpFXR1OdI 10:58 min

17:58 min

attempts at felting

18:41 min

Looks like the fiber is very short. He said he would likely use it to make paper. He also has a video on BulkHemp Wharehouse where you can get seeds for fiber hemp or processed fiber.


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I haven't watched these yet but I know that hemp fiber is similar to flax (linen) and nettle fibers all of which tend to be stiff and a bit corse when first spun and woven.

You can diminish that by a combination of good preparation (a lot of whacking and retting (aka rotting), spinning with water (a lot of old flax wheels have a dent to put the water in that you run your fingers and the fiber through) and finishing after the cloth is woven (wash it several times, sometimes it is beaten).

In the time of Gilgamesh (per the research we did for the novel)slaves were made to wear the garments the royal family would eventually wear in order to make them softer with wear and multiple washings.

In Japan, hemp fiber clothing was mostly worn by farmers who wanted a stiff, sturdy but not always comfortable set of work clothing.

Historically it has been used more for rope and sails than clothing - however, industrial processes are now being used to make it soft enough for modern clothing that people will wear.

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