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This thread appears to be an invitation to show off our cats. We found this little darling pictured below at a farm. The poor little girl was deformed, but we fell in love with her, raised her to adulthood and we still have her.

1 - Big Sis.jpg

When you pet her she purrs and smiles. She's so adorable as when she smiles she shows her front teeth.

2 - Big Sis.jpg


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I had Christmas morning just for me this morning!
This will finish my van off.
I was on a caregiving job since mid-January.
The pkgs. built up.
The van and PayPal will be paid off tomorrow.
I prayed for a good job that would get me where I needed to be financially fast...2 days later a high school aquaintance called.
SheAA860F86-4B07-4CD1-8FE5-E56097510100.jpeg needed a week break from caregiving her mom.
A week turned into 6.
Blessed I am!
I am thankful! \o/