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Just shaking my head and sharing, as I'm sure quite a few here will understand this.

The Viking 190 was shipped to the recommended Viking repair gentleman in CO. Where is proceeded to have a problem that it had never given me and burnt out the circuit board. I'm very impressed with the gentleman in question as he has offered a multiple of very customer friendly options that would not leave me without a machine and in the hole for the costs. We should be able to work that out successfully. (And I'm likely to share his eBay info with some of the "old machine" groups that I'm in, where quite a few folks always seem to need parts or repairs. One of those groups is specific to Viking machines. Us old machine folks are a little addicted to the quality of our older machines.)

The Singer 201 went to Dad for new wiring, where he found that even the lamp wire was broken. But he quickly, more quickly than I expected, got the wiring replaced. He sent me video of it running. It looks and sounds amazing. Unlike the Viking, this is one that I can repair, if needs be, now that the electrical is fixed. He is now working on a box for it to protect the base. And hopefully I can sell the table and stool very soon. That machine's first project will likely be chain link privacy panels made from old trampoline mats. Soon to be followed by resizing a shade panel to fit over my front porch.

Life is just throwing in little things here and there.


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For several years I've considered buying a Janome treadle head for my treadle cabinet. The machine in my cabinet is totally worn out but the cabinet is very nice. I would need to find a woodworker to adapt the cabinet to the Janome, but the idea of a treadle that does a back stitch has great appeal. My primary dislike of a treadle has always been having to tie off all the threads. A no electricity needed machine seems like an excellent prep. I haven't checked cost or availability lately, but the idea is still perking in the back of my mind.


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I only use a treadle at home and none of mine have the backstitch. Its an easy enough thing to just move the fabric a bit to create a backstitch.