DEEP STATE Sent by God for this time


"just a human bein'"
Giant Meteor 2020!!!
Buncha BIG earthquakes.
Floods, tornados, Real Wrath Of God Stuff!
Locusts, Killer Hornets, cockroaches...
Next killer disease please, we know you want to. Hell, "Let Slip The Vials of Death!"
Drug cartels, MS13, Antifa and other gangs. BLM sorta says it all.
Squirrels with flame-throwers from North Korea. Kim's got a scary ****ing sister!
Oh Shit!! I forgot about the muslimes, they have quite a role in this cluster****.
Better riots, these last ones sucked compared to Watts and Detroit. Paid slackers. I guess they want more than $15/hr, transportation, a free meal and bailed out of jail by Hollywood stars.
For paid professionals well... haha
Oh yeah, lets just try to destroy history, with no understanding, you know tear down and disfigure statues like spoiled children knocking over a siblings legos, so we pass on hate and ignorance to those that follow.
Leave Lenin up tho. Pancho Villa too.
Of course there were "no" videos of white guys in full blackout breaking windows and starting fires, and then suddenly disappearing during the riots.
This is a nation of ignorant, spoiled, entitled pussies and the 4th Turning is on.
As for the rest of the world, **** Em!
Just listened to Randy Newman's Political Science, enjoyed it more than ever.

No, I don't trust Rep/Dem/Ind as groups. The Traitors and Asst. assholes on the Hill and scattered through the country and the "Law-Givers" in the S.C. The States are their own issue and better pull it together!
The rot is generational and very complex. Gotta use shape charges to cut as carefully as can be done. That won't do it all though... Yes there will be innocents involved. Always is.
100+ years of this shit and it has really cranked up the past 50.
Traitors most, but not all. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater kind of thing.
Not to mention the MSM, Gates, Soros, FB, Google, Hollywood, NGO's, Fauci and so on.
We are being played like Orwell or Huxley combined, never saw coming.

God does answer Prayers.
This Presidency was planned 30+ years ago by some of the clearest thinking and intelligent groups ever put together, Military and Civilian and they Love The Lord God!
There are even more surprises from the "White Hats" coming! Technologies have and are being used that, shit I have no idea.

I understand and support President Trump and those with him doing all they can, along with other people of the same mind, to lance many worldwide, infected, cancerous, ugly boils.
Other Nations are doing their own investigations into years of abuse.
You see him as part of the boil, he's not.

I see him as sent by God for this time, that's who I Trust. God.

Messy as it will be I don't see it "SAVING THE WORLD". God's plan will continue.
It was just a nice break for about 3 years before... well it's already begun.
Ride the wave...
Praying for Peace in my heart and War ready hands.

Looking forward to new planetary management.