Medical Sanitary napkin - absorbant bandage

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This weekend I got to improvise some bandaging. Life happens. It is a holiday weekend and my vet supplies were down (OK forgot to check and replenish) the local pharmacy had limited options. Gauze bandages were not the best option according to my medical care giver. Rolled cotton bandage was unobtainium. In my case the sanitary pads worked like a charm. I asked the Pharmacist. He just smiled and nodded when asked if they were sterile? He understood the problem and said yes you can improvise. So I did. It's working. Plan to get more in varying sizes and restock the med chest.


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They make excellent wound dressings!! I had a long open wound on my chest for over a year from a mastectomy incision that opened up and would not heal while I was undergoing chemo. ABDs were outrageously expensive and didn't fit the wound well, and the sanitary napkins were more absorbent. I kept them in place with a 'tube top' made from wide ace wrap, and with the adhesive strip stuck to the ace wrap, they stayed in place with no problems and were easy to change as needed. They come in a an amazing number of sizes, shapes, and levels of absorbency, and can be purchased for a very reasonable price (especially if you watch the sales and use coupons lol!) Just make sure to stay away from the ones that are scented/have deodorant in them - those can irritate the skin.