BRKG Russian court finds US basketball star Brittney Griner guilty of drug possession and smuggling Update: 9 year prison sentence


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Russian court finds US basketball star Brittney Griner guilty of drug possession and smuggling
On Thursday, Brittney Griner was found guilty of drug possession and smuggling in Russian court. Prosecutors had initially sought for Griner to be sentenced to nine-and-a-half years in prison on cannabis possession charges, nearly six months after the American basketball star was arrested at a Moscow airport.


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The Russians just upped her point value as a player in a prisoner swap.

That said, what in the name of all that is holy was Griner THINKING? She's been going to Russia long enough to understand the law and the certainty of sanctions for breaking them. If I were going to Turkey, I would not so much as use a borrowed suitcase, on the off chance there's a weed seed lodged in a seam that will land me in some dank, moldy prison cell until I croak.

In this low-risk, high-value situation, Griner wasn't humble enough to acknowledge that the worst could happen--to her.



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Look at the good side Brittney - at least you don't have to put up with the hateful USA for a while.

so I see you DID dress up in honor of choc chip cookie day . . .

ol Britt's gonna learn to appreciate what she had - hope her WIFE doesn't run off with sum white guy . . . or maybe LAAAAH-brawn - yet another overpaid and over appreciated black sportsballer who complains about "the unfair hardships po black folk have to bear here in 'murKKa"

fork em both . . .
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The russian court system prevails...don't do the crime, if you can't do the time.
Good thing for her there was no murder/manslaughter attached to this.
There are no 18-25 year appeal delays in the Russian system; guilty of a capital crime? Execution, sans fanfare/widespread media attention/interference follows on within about 15-20 months of conviction if reports leaked to the west are to be believed.


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9 years...Russia doesn't do that early out crap.
Get 9 years, serve 9 years if they don't lose you &/or your file.

She'll be OK: when she gets released/repatriated (here's a strong case for a review of a birth certificate!) she'll pen a book or two about her personal travails & the horror of being an American in a foreign prison system. There's also public speaking; both sides of the drug thing, the crappy way America treats ______ or ______ insert category of choice - multiples allowed.


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Anyone ever read the book
The ugly American
Written in 1958 or so
It goes into good detail about our political arrogance and our American movement to force democracy on others
Primarily it was directed towards Vietnam but the concept still holds today
They also made a simplistic move in 63

now that’s not the greatest book report I ever did but it’s been nearly 55 years since I read it so cut me some slack

back to the Brittany story
She is the epitome of American arrogance
Not to be confused with white privilege
Her assumption of American superiority landed her in deep
And for this country to expect us to work a deal for her release is shameful. Especially with the Soviet they want to trade

that’s as bad a deal as that cowardly deserter birgdahl


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I can't stand Griner's arrogance or "her" politics. But I have to agree with Lauren that 9 years in prison is extreme. And I agree with Cyberiot that "The Russians just upped her point value as a player in a prisoner swap."

That said, I won't shed a lot of tears if Griner has to spend more time in a Russian prison....

Lauren Southern


Imagine getting 9 years in jail for forgetting a vape pen in your bag. Actually sad af.
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Brittney Griner is sentenced to NINE years in Russian prison for smuggling cannabis vape pen through airport Brittney Griner is sentenced to nine years in Russian prison


11:59 AM · Aug 4, 2022


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It was taught that it was in enough "special" categories, that there would never be consequences for breaking laws and poor behavior.
Apparently Russian courts don't virtue signal, and would appear to apply the rules equally.
This is on the leftists who have given it a pass, likely untold times before, leaving it clueless as to actions having real life consequences.


Neither here nor there.
so that's what NBC broke into their programming with a special report, I changed the channel thinking it would be puddin cup taking up space again.

Maybe the russian prison guards will play the US National Anthem every day for her in her cell! :lol: