CRIME Riding the Greyhound with girlfriend in a suitcase.


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I watched a Facebook live press conference, WOW, she was cut up, one bag had internal organs, if I remember correctly the upper torso was still in Louisville.

Louisville man accused of taking girlfriend’s dismembered body parts on Greyhound to Ill.

By Brett Martin | September 16, 2020 at 12:26 PM CDT - Updated September 16 at 4:23 PM
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A homicide is under investigation after police say 30-year-old Melvin Martin Jr. killed his girlfriend before taking her body parts in a suitcase to visit his family more than five hours away.
LMPD says they were able to track the homicide back to the 600 block of N. Hite St in Louisville. LMPD found the torso of the victim around 2 P.M. on Wednesday in a park near where the homicide happened. The victim’s lower half and skull were found along with organs inside the suitcase in Illinois. Police said the man had the woman’s remains for nearly a month when they were found.
Markham, Ill. Police said the suspect’s family picked up the suspect from a bus stop in Chicago. The entire time the suspect had a suitcase filled with body parts taken from a woman. The Markham police Chief says the family says they had no idea what was in the suitcase. His family said he never unpacked or opened the suitcase, but police said a foul odor was leaking from the case. Police were called when a family member opened the suitcase and found the body parts.
Martin told police the entire story after he was caught. He told police he still wanted to be with his girlfriend even after her death.
Now the suspect has been arrested in the city just outside Chicago. The man’s charges have not been released at this time.
LMPD and the FBI are investigating the case.


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He had gone to the library and that's when the family opened the suitcase. Press conference said KY had murder charge on him. The story isn't as detailed as the conference.


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That’s beyond bizarre, another example to add to the list of the worlds
dieing pains.
yes, someone should be tracking the absurd crimes.......


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Yup, Satana is correct. If one wants to play the race game on this kind of crime, smart money goes on white perp.

..Been wondering when we'd see some "compelling" serial or bat #### crazy crime kick up, guess maybe all the D's hijinks are providing release valves for the nutters? Hmm. :hmm: