Misc Reusable cleaning wipes


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Because of my son, I can't keep bottles of cleaning supplies in easy reach. But I've found that if I have the supplies at hand, I keep things much cleaner. So I've been using a lot of Lysol and Clorox Wipes.
Now they are great for messes that need to be disposed of. Like from an old dog with some issues. Or cat gifts. Etc. But I haven't been happy with the waste for other areas. And we go through a lot of them.
Then add on that Clorox Wipes no longer have bleach in them and aren't supposed to be used for food contact surfaces.
Now, I've tried the make your own disposables using paper towels. They fall apart. No matter what happens, they fall apart. There is no really good way to cleanly cut a roll in half and most paper towel rolls are fatter than the easily available containers. So, nope, I'll buy disposable for disposable purposes.
So on to next idea. Reusable paper towels. Have them. Love them. Really too thick for this idea.
Just as I'm about to cut up some old tshirts into 9" squares, I remember some cheap microfiber clothes I picked up. They are about the weight of a good paper towel.
So final solution, for others that might need it. One cup of the cleaner of your choice in the bottom of an empty wipe container. Then roll 16 lightweight microfiber clothes/t shirt squares with about a half inch overlap. Insert the roll into the container and allow time for the cloth to absorb the cleaner.
They work well. My first 2 containers have Clorox with bleach. I think I'm going to do one with a good wood soap as well. Maybe one with a leather cleaner.


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I use wash cloths for dish cloths and wipe my counters off with hot soapy water. Personally I think people use too much bleach and lysol.

Homemade wipes do save a lot of money. I'm 72 and for most of my adult like I did not use much in the way of disposables, bad for the environment you know. That said I've been using them a bit more as of late. For the last year I used paper plates and bowls every day, then in an effort to save money I've gone back to washing dishes, I'm living through it just fine. Oh, and I raised two boys not using disposables, the are 40ish and have always been healthy.