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Poppy and Branch finally hookup and are king and queen. But what are they with out a prince and princess to make the day annoyingly funny?

Harrier was the first child and she is a high flying furball of furrious fun. Instead of having helicoptor parents her hair makes her fly like a helicoptor. unfortunately the hair likes to stay long and droop down when not spinning so she has gained the nick name at home of either It or Chewbacca. Her name was chosen as right after she was born they put a jet onsie on her and she started to hover with hair.

Granite was the second child. There were rumors that some voodoo priestess was involved to allow the couple to have a second child and that priestess saw great potential with the child and his condition of gargoyle syndrome. By day some stone figure, by night an active little child depriving his parents of restful sleep.

Children when they are young are among one of the cutest things you will ever lay your eyes upon. And for grandparents one of the most fun things to spoil and love on as they say yes to all the things they said no to on their children cause they don't have to deal with the aftermath, just the moments of fun. But as children grow they find friends, companions, and trickster friends to do all manner of hijinks.

Harrier was definately a follower in her father's footsteps and was obsessed with ensuring there were secure facilities underground after hearing about all the evil ogres from her grandparents. As such she was obsessed with creating an underground river road connecting all the troll villages by riding in fast moving tubs. On her Journey she made a BFF Unka Ben. She ran into him as she kept having issues with lice liking her whirling hair. He found a way to harvest those lice and is well known for his signature dish: Unka Ben's fried lice.

Granite was and outstanding and great individual like his mother. His condition created for some interesting sleeping schedules. But over the years he discovered his condition allowed for infinite pranks every day when he was asleep in stone. But in his pranking he found his own BFF Regasta. A Reggae pirate who loves making casts of him asleep during the day to mess with everyone later. Later after many casts and statues were made, the ant eaters came and they were obsessed with knocking down his likeness.

When granite was a baby he once turned to stone in the freezer covering one eye and had his other arm sticking out with an index finger extended for when grandpa found him. That discovery got paroted for many years.

Branch taught them many things over the years and especially the ability to improvise and be prepared for anything from anywhere. Poppy taught them how to spread cheer and joy through song and the ways of a great leader through unity.

Then came a new danger. A new dark time. The reason why unconciously all the preparations were needed. An enemy so dangerous you never see it coming even when you are looking at a mirror. An enemy so dangerous that you can not see it even when it stands next to you or is looking right at you. Bigoted indifference to different music and the desire to destroy any history not of your preferred genre.

But with every danger there comes victims and those that refuse to be victimized. Harrier made sure that all the victims were kept safe and brought to a safe space.

This is the story of how things unfolded.

What is it with all of these destroyed monuments. Granite, your tributes to every music genre have been so great at bringing us together, yet some seek to ruin the messages of our history.
It is not too much to be concerned about for we can always cast another statue, an image in my likenes...again...
That is not the point.
It's hug time. Let's get one in before Granite gets stoned.
::everyone hugs::
Granite, I got a little surprise for you for Ragasta. Hold this bottle and when he goes to pull your mould, GLITTER DISCO BOMB.
Dad, did you fix the alergic reaction to the materials in it? The last time it gave everyone Saturday Night Fever and they had one Disco Inferno of a temperature for a few days.
Yes I addressed that issue in the latest formula. I call it preparation H as A through G did not stop the reactions. Though I did discover an alternate preparation that creates a Boogy bomb and makes everyone involuntarily move.
Dad, Your the best, now hand me the bottle, hehehe
::turns to stone in iconic disco pose::