POL Quick Poll, no Discussion needed. Ashli Babbit - Self Defense - or Cold Blooded Murder?

Was Ashli Babbits homocide a murder or self defense/ lawful defense of others?

  • She was murdered.

    Votes: 35 94.6%
  • She was shot in self defense/ lawful defense of others.

    Votes: 2 5.4%

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This has been a VERY hot topic, leading threads to be sent to "take it outside" where evidently character bashing and supreme mean heartedness is allowed.. anyways.. no need for discussion why or why not, anyone who cares has seen the video and the emotionally charged back and forths. It's my poll so I'll go on the record saying I think it was a lawful self -defensive and defense of his wards- shoot. He was charged, employed to have a gun there... ostensibly for protection of SENIOR members of our govt.. an equal branch to the President himself, who gets SUPREME protection... and I think it was a good shoot. I KNOW it wasn't an insurrection, but in the chaos of the breech of security/ loss of control, there's no reason for them to think it wasn't. Aside from that, I'd really like to see the numbers.

I did not select "Display votes publicly" for this poll, fyi.

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That protest could have been stopped outside the building if they had wanted it stopped. They chose to allow the protestors in the building, and I don't recall anyone warning Ms. Babbitt to stop "or else". The POS just whipped out his piece and shot into a crowd of people, including law enforcement personnel who were standing practically within arm's reach of the victim.

This was a bad shoot. She was murdered by an agent of the incoming regime to drive their "muh insurrection" narrative. That's why they're hiding the shooter. They know if he's forced to testify that narrative will be blown to hell.

I hope the shooter develops a terminal case of lead poisoning. It's more than he deserves.

I'm not sure why we're still arguing about this, but that's my $.02.