Envr Question about large, aggressive ants


Loony Member
I stepped up on a landscape timber near our house to pick some leaves that were already colored for a jewelry photo shoot I was setting up. In the time it took to pick three leaves (less than three seconds), I easily had a dozen large (between 1/4" and 1/2") ants on me, biting, HARD. They were in my hair, on my clothes, on my legs & arms. They had to have fallen on me from somewhere, as there wasn't enough time to get up my legs and into my hair from where I stepped.

There was a birch limb over me, but it was probably at least 5 feet above my head. The Siberian dogwood that I was picking the leaves from didn't seem to have ants on it - at least none that I noticed. It consisted of about three skinny stems and came up to about my head, but I leaned in and didn't really get too near it except to pluck the leaves.

This was just a little scary. They were so aggressive! And it happened so fast. Anybody know what they might have been? I need ant poison, as this was way too close to the house to have some kind of ants swarming.