RACE WAR Professor Calls For White People To Die, College Says He Did No Wrong


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40 years ago in GA the mob WAS the state legislature. You had Bert Lance, the Talmadges, not to mention the moonshine coalition, Klan, Society all in the state capitol.....
I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same with the BoR here, people just don't realize how powerful they are until they accidentally lock swords with them.


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Well, not everyone out there is as nice as we all are here at TBY2K...

This ungrateful, violent, seditious coward just made numerous other people‘s crap list...and another type of list as well.

”The power of death and life are in the tongue...”

Hate to say it, but this guy won’t last long unless he runs and goes into hiding...too bad his family will likely suffer also.


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Just to clarify, Frimpong is not a professor; he's a Teaching Assistant.

Hopefully, some of those donors will follow through, now that the university has shown that they're not going to actually do anything about the hate rhetoric.
Well then, he’s not even tenured!

He can be booted easy...let see if the college fathers do so...


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Well, not everyone out there is as nice as we all are here at TBY2K...

This ungrateful, violent, seditious coward just made numerous other people‘s crap list...and another type of list as well.

”The power of death and life are in the tongue...”

Hate to say it, but this guy won’t last long unless he runs and goes into hiding...too bad his family will likely suffer also.
Root and branch


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his tenure is going to be hanging like a thread if this continues to cause headaches for the University
The article states that the groid is a Teaching Assistant. This usually means that he's a jumped-up grad student who is brownnosing some PHuD and teaching his classes in exchange for a small amount of cash and a oversized dorm room. They have no tenure, and the PHuD in charge of his course of study (or the dean of his department) can fire him at anytime. These must be particularly "white guilt-y" PHuD's in charge to not have already sent him packing.


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Send a black man walking through down town Chicago at 10:00 PM on a summer night and 99.9% odds are he'll be fine

... send a white man walking through Chicago's Englewood neighborhood at 10:00 PM on a summer evening and the best he can hope for is just be beaten and robbed ... with greater odds he's a dead man walking

Gee, must be an affirmative action professor because the statistics don't match what his delusion



2019 Unarmed individuals shot by police:

55 total

25 white
14 black
16 other

What they keep missing is that IF you run, resist arrest, fight them, if you spit/kick/try to get their guns your odds of getting shot jump astronomically

... if you just do what they say and cause them no issue you'll be arrested and taken to jail

In every case I've seen the police camera or other videos those killed didn't cooperate and fought the police.


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The only good simian is rotting in a ditch and that is a plain and simple fact. Many need to wrap their heads around that now.


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It's just plain racism and incitement to racial murder, until the left recognise that as wrong then there will always be a race war, Anyway the left want a race war and they are now the cause.


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Professor Calls For White People To Die, College Says He Did No Wrong
Posted on September 13, 2020 by Carrie Dominic

When a black professor tweeted that he wants white people to die and supports “fighting white people,” concerned individuals notified his university. However, instead of firing or even punishing him, the campus administration insists that he did nothing wrong.
Irami Osei-Frimpong

The University of Georgia is in hot water after defending one of its professors. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via Facebook)

For Irami Osei-Frimpong, every discrepancy within minority communities can be reduced to racial inequality, namely the oppression of white people. Additionally, he has been afforded a gratifying platform to spew this racial propaganda and spread the idea of victim superiority at the University of Georgia, convincing young people that a certain race of people is inherently racist and, therefore, evil.

The UGA teaching assistant, who has compared himself to historical black activists fighting for civil rights and his perceived oppression to that of those living under Jim Crowe legislation, has relentlessly preached that whites are the enemies of non-whites and thusly the cause of the majority of their communities’ problems. However, he has since escalated the demagoguery from his pulpit, advocating that “some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole in this struggle to advance to freedom.”

Irami Osei-Frimpong

Irami Osei-Frimpong has made a lucrative career out of conspiratorial racism and bigotry. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

Irami Osei-Frimpong, who utilizes social media to regurgitate exhausted racist supremacist talking points, ignorantly chalked up the black population’s disproportionate crime rate to patriarchal oppression and systematic racism.

While most people would see this as racial supremacism and incitement of racial violence, the University of Georgia disagrees. In fact, the UGA administration not only refused to even chastize Osei-Frimpong for such rhetoric but unbelievably defended the very nature of his bigoted and inflammatory speech.

Irami Osei-Frimpong

Irami Osei-Frimpong insists that blacks must begin “fighting white people” to succeed. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

Instead of reprimanding Osei-Frimpong or even denouncing his racist rhetoric and distancing the university’s name from the promotion of white genocide, UGA administrators defended his call for the death of white people. According to Campus Reform, United Campus Workers of Georgia penned a letter endorsed by 9 UGA faculty members, which included professors, teaching assistants, and administrators. They then presented the letter directly to UGA President Jere Morehead.

Campus Reform first reported on Osei Frimpong’s disturbing rants after he compared southern whites to “autistic kids” and “sociopaths.” His rhetoric became so outrageous and extreme that he was even banned from Facebook for a post demanding that “we have to dismantle the institutions that make crappy white people.”
Irami Osei-Frimpong

Irami Osei-Frimpong compared white southerners to “autistic kids” and “sociopaths.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube)

Although UGA maintains that “views expressed by students, faculty, and staff in their personal capacities do not reflect the views of the university,” the administrators involved have made it their mission to stand by this particular teacher’s comments.

Unfortunately for the university administration, they quickly learned that the vast majority of their donors and benefactors are members of the same demographic that Osei-Frimpong is attacking. After hearing the professor’s comments, individuals began threatening to cut off donations to the school. This immediately caught the attention of the UGA staff.
Irami Osei-Frimpong

Donors began threatening to pull funding for the University of Georgia. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via Facebook)

After donors began backing away, UGA announced that it was checking with the Office of the Attorney General regarding “what actions we can legally consider in accordance with the First Amendment.”

Of course, this was all a ruse to keep their benefactors. The union admitted that it will continue to support the teacher because of apparent racism that took place on the school’s campus some years ago.

University administrators have stood by Osei-Frimpong’s racist and violent rhetoric. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via Facebook)

Osei-Frimpong will continue to spew his racist and violent rhetoric, calling for the mass slaughter of white people by minorities. He will go on indoctrinating America’s youths, convincing them that, although they live in the most privileged and freest society in history, they are victims.
The university’s response proves that we are living in an era in which certain groups may disparage and discriminate against other groups solely based on skin color. Until we voice our opposition to this unveiled racism, we will see it continue to fester on campuses.
Then the is also at blame for this, for now they all are communist, feed them to the sharks in the ocean.