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Per Dennis' instruction, he will make this a sticky. This thread is for important printable downloads.

Please place your links on this thread.



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I am going to repost this here also:

I just recently downloaded some ebooks from Amazon, that were free; old time cookbooks, farming, all kinds of stuff. you have to look around but try these titles (and if you do not have a kindle, you can download a free kindle for PC there also):

Practical Mechanics for boys
preventable diseases
a handbook of health
surgical anatomy
old cookery books and ancient cuisine
fifty two sunday dinners
science in the kitchen
JeBouffe home canning
the home medical library
culture and cooking art
twenty-five cent dinners
the complete book of cheese

and so MANY more..... if you scroll down once you get to one of these, there are usually even MORE recommendations and many are also free


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Thanks MZK! The idea was to have a one-stop shop basically for folks to post "How To" links for books, "How to" websites, and previous great posts on TB2K, for others to grab quickly, save, print or whatever. These are for your personal needs, or family/friends should something happen to you and your own "wealth of knowledge". We've all probably got great links to books and how to's, or you may have a great thread that you were involved in that will be helpful.

Please include a subject in the subject line for easier browsing and searching, ie: "Homestead: Link for making cheese", or "Wilderness Survival - tips for evading detection"

This will help us all so we don't have to search all over for info needed.

ALSO: If you remember to, please use the "Advanced" feature so you can add a Subject Line!!! Thanks!
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The Cub

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Are you interested in links to certain "unique" prep items....or links to "How to books", or both?


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@ The Cub... both I reckon. Never know what others may need... long as it's not "over the top" and would get anyone in trouble.


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Straight from the Alabama Preppers Network Top 10 Survival Downloads You Should Have here...


Download links to each are on the url.

Here is the list to what is on the url page

#10. FM 4-25-11 First Aid (2002) - Military First Aid Manual.First aid information is a must – get training before you need it – use this manual for reference.

#9. Guide to Canning – Being able to preserve crops to be able to provide for yourself and your family long after the growing season is over is important. This guide will help with that.

#8. Rangers Handbook (2006) – Crammed with info on demolitions, booby traps, communications, patrolling, tactical movement, battle drills, combat intelligence and much more

#7. Where There is No Dentist - The author uses straightforward language and careful instructions to explain how to: examine patients; diagnose common dental problems; make and use dental equipment; use local anesthetics; place fillings; and remove teeth.

#6. NATO Emergency War Surgery – While this is certainly not a manual that would stand alone in most persons emergency/disaster library, it is an absolutely necessary resource if you expect to handle any type of trauma where immediate comprehensive medical care is not available.

#5. A Guide to Raised Bed Gardening – This is not an “all knowing” gardening book – however it provides a lot of information to the “urban gardener” before or after TSHTF. Best to get the experience and knowledge of gardening NOW rather than later.

#4. FM 3-06 Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain - Combat techniques covered in the manual which may be very valuable in a “Roadwarrior”-type world.

#3. 1881 Household Cyclopedia – A massive resource of information that much of it has been lost over the past 203 generations. From Angling to Knitting – its here.

#2. FM 21-76-1 Survival-Evasion-Recovery (1999) – Excellent manual geared towards the soldier that finds himself behind enemy lines

#1. FM 21-76 US Army Survival Manual - From Amazon.com: This manual has been written to help you acquire survival skills. It tells you how to travel, find water and food, shelter yourself from the weather and care for yourself if you become sick or injured. This information is first treated generally and then applied specifically to such special areas as the Arctic, the desert, the jungle and the ocean.1970 Military Issue Manual. General Introduction and Individual and Group Survival Orientation Navigation, Finding Water In All Parts of The Globe. How To Obtain Food, Start a Fire and much more!
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Sozo, do you have any descriptions of the links? Or are they a variety at each location?

Nevermind... I see they are an assortment. would be hard to list them all. Thanks!
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Each about 9Mb~ Each about 125 pgs

Cloudburst 1: A handbook of rural skills & technology (1973 - Vic Marks)

Cloudburst 2: A handbook of rural skills & technology (1976 - Vic Marks)

This next one 5.8Mb 304 pgs

Handy Farm Devices and How to Make Them (1912 - Rudolph Cobleigh)
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*Just a note*

Was it Changed who recommended that if you are going to print stuff out to use DRAFT MODE? It will save you ink and expense, and is quite readable.




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Peace of Preparedness.com


This website has a good collection of useful downloadable files. Here are the library contents:

Canning & Dehydrating: Putting Up the Harvest
Cooking with Food Storage
Emergency Preparedness Classes & Resources
Emergency Cookers
Getting & Organizing Food Storage
Latter Day Saint Resources
Sheltering At Home
Videos on Preparedness & Food Storage

This is one example from this web site - 30 days of storage recipes: http://peaceofpreparedness.com/Resource Library/Recipies/30 days worth of storage recipes.pdf


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These are great but are you actually printing this stuff out. It will cost a fortune in ink cartridges. Copying to disc doesn't make too much sense because if you don't have electricity they do you no good.


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fairbanksb said:
These are great but are you actually printing this stuff out. It will cost a fortune in ink cartridges. Copying to disc doesn't make too much sense because if you don't have electricity they do you no good.
Laser printers are the way to go.
For $106, you can get this:

You get about 1000 pages with the ink cartridge that comes with it, plus additional cartridges are about $45 ($15 for the off brand) and give you about 2600 pages each.

MUCH cheaper than ink jet printers.


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@ fairbanksb.... printing only what you want, or saving if you have a backup method should power go down. I'm going to be loading up on more paper and ink myself. Will be worth the peace of mind for myself, or kids, when the SHTF.

Kathy in FL

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From the website: Dehydrating is the removal of moisture from foods to allow for better preservation and long term storage. Though a simple concept at first glance, there are many tricks, rules, and boundaries when dehydrating, making the process a true art. Here at Dehydrate2Store we are dedicated to educating those who are not only willing to learn, but aware of the need for preparedness and want to secure their families.

Dinner Is In the Jar
Create a 90 day supply of easily prepared dinner mixes your family will love using food storage ingredients in mason jars or mylar bags for emergencies and convenience on busy days

Everyday Food Storage
They've got a section on comparing various LTS ingredients (such as dried milk vs. milk alternative; TVP vs. freeze dried meat) and a good selection of LTS recipes.

Food Storage Made Easy
Two young moms do food storage with better than decent results.


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I convert all my files to PDF via Microsft Word or any other PDF converter and store them on a USB thumb drive. Then I make another copy in a large font and save it as a PDF this copy I store in a folder named "Kindle survival" so I can load them onto my kindle and read them there as needed. I have a small netbook and the kindle, I can recharge both with my generator, my car inverter-usb charger, or a small solar charger. I think this will work any suggestions?

One thing I wanted to add, you can print 2 pages on a sheet of paper with some programs and if you turn the paper over you can get two more, so you print four pages on one sheet of paper!

Kathy in FL

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How to Can Bananas
One of the biggest problems I foresee beyond the obvious big basic ones will be the change from international and regional access to different items to a more local-only access. For instance coffee and chocolate will be a problem for me as neither grows in the area that I live. Sugar cane and sorghum yes, maple no. And one of the ways I'm dealing with this issue is to can and dehydrate what I am able to now ... and bananas are hit or miss in my area though I usually get a small bunch off of at least one of my trees every year. A small bunch will not feed a family of 7+ so it is canning bananas that I need to go. This site has simple directions and even a couple of pictures so thought I would share.

Kathy in FL

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I convert all my files to PDF via Microsft Word or any other PDF converter and store them on a USB thumb drive. Then I make another copy in a large font and save it as a PDF this copy I store in a folder named "Kindle survival" so I can load them onto my kindle and read them there as needed. I have a small netbook and the kindle, I can recharge both with my generator, my car inverter-usb charger, or a small solar charger. I think this will work any suggestions?
All good and very similar to the plan I have save you need to prepare in case of EMP - local or regional or even national in size - and you can do that by storing these small items in a faraday cage. Directions for a simple one can be found at http://www.disaster-survival-resources.com/faraday-cage.html


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By the way, if you are using Firefox you can get the add-on that will allow you to grab multiple links from a page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/multi-links/contribute/roadblock/?src=search&version=

AND you can also get Flash-Got, which will download all the links and save them as a webpage on your hard drive, or if they are already pdf, will save them as a PDF also. VERY Handy.... just highlight the links you want, right click, and flash-got selections... save them to your preferred folder.

Kathy in FL

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Civil War Food
This page from Gettysburg National Park contains recipes for food that soldiers on both sides ate regularly. If you prepare the hardtack, remember to soften it before eating.

Civil War Food Woes
Desert Storm Recalls Civil War Food Woes
This 1991 article recounts the hardships encountered on both sides. Creative substitutions helped them cope with food scarcity.

Confederate Receipt Book
This is the online version of Confederate Receipt Book: A Compilation of over One Hundred Receipts Adapted to the Times. Richmond, Va.: West & Johnston, 1863.
In addition to discovering recipes for pumpkin bread, peas puddings, learn how to make apple pie without apples and artificial oysters.

The CWI Civil War Cookbook
This interactive cookbook contains over 550 authentic Civil War recipes. View a variety of sections: breakfast, breads, desserts, drinks, poultry, meats, game, soups, sauces, or seafood.

Hearts at Home: Hard Times
Read the digitized accounts of how women coped during the war with shortages and the substitutes that they developed.

A Virginia Girl in the Civil War
A Virginia Girl in the Civil War, 1861-1865: Being a Record of the Actual Experiences of the Wife of a Confederate Officer.
Read her descriptions of the food during this time.

Virginia Tech Civil War Resources
The letters, papers, and memoirs in these Civil War manuscripts contain descriptions of food available during this time.