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I tried an old method of preserving whole cayenne peppers in 5% vinegar - no water bath canning, but supposedly safe and shelf-stable for years. You start with sterilized jars and clean, whole cayenne peppers packed in jars and covered with the vinegar. I remember, many years ago, a friend and also her mother did this every year and my friend gave me a couple of jars. She said they had done it that way for years with no problem. I ran into the old method on the internet the other day and proceeded to can three pints yesterday. Have any of you tried this method before? Any thoughts? Today, I just finished slicing a couple of pounds of jalapenos that are in the fridge awaiting my next action. Nothing I've found anywhere says that I can do the jalapenos this same way (safely pack in sterilized jars with only vinegar and no water bath) so, I guess I need to water bath most of them to be safe (except for the refrigerator jar that keeps quite a while) - but not shelf-stable, according to what I've read. Any advice on the sliced jalapenos? Here is a link for doing the cayennes with vinegar and no water bath:


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I do cayenne peppers for DH using a little canning salt and boiling vinegar in sterilized jars and a water bath (can’t remember how long) but he doesn’t eat the peppers, just the vinegar. Maybe you could use some pickle crisp and a boiling water bath.


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I've used this method many times, except I do bring the vinegar to a boil, before adding it to the jars. The hot vinegar seals the jars as it cools. Mom and Dad made it every year, too. They called it "hot pepper sauce", since they only used the vinegar to flavor things like peas and cooked greens, etc.
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