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Teen Records Heartbreaking Vid a Day Before Vax-Related Death​

'I took the vaccine and then, literally in a week, started to lose strength in my legs...'
By Jacob Bruns February 6, 2023

/BREAKING — Sarah Blattner, 14, Israeli-American, has surgery, recovery going fine, takes first dose of Pfizer in June, immediate decline, is unable to walk, 5 months later recorded this video, then died suddenly the next day early am, doctors say possible heart attack.
— James Cintolo, RN FN CPT (@healthbyjames) February 6, 2023

As thousands of vaccinated people across the world continue to “die suddenly” of unspecified causes, yet another tragic story has emerged.

Sarah Blattner, a 14-year-old American girl, died—likely of a heart attack—after a monthslong illness likely brought about by Pfizer’s state-sponsored jab.

Blattner recorded a video of herself just the day before her passing in which she suggested that the vaccine was the cause of her rapid decline.

“I took the vaccine and then, literally in a week, started to lose strength in my legs,” she said.

Per Blattner, she was completely capable of walking after undergoing a prior surgery, but the jab set her back permanently, forcing her to be confined to a wheelchair.

“Which, literally, a day after the surgery, I was able to walk,” she said.

“… I didn’t lose strength from the surgery … so that had nothing to do with it,” she continued. “And then, all of a sudden, I just couldn’t stand up.”

She referred viewers to a Telegram account that has been compiling other evidence and firsthand accounts of serious vaccine injuries.

Blattner’s passing is only the latest in a long string of widely ignored and unexplained deaths since the vaccines first went public in late 2020.

A recent study confirmed what many have suspected: that the jab itself is killing otherwise healthy, young individuals, with an uptick in heart disease and strokes both appearing to be related, even as research shows children are 100 times less likely than adults to die of COVID-19.

Of course, developers of the controversial mRNA vaccines cannot be taken to court, nor can the authoritarian bureaucrats and demagogues who mandated that many Americans receive it in order to participate in the daily functions of society, such as work and school.

Pfizer was recently exposed in a series of bombshell reports from Project Veritas, which revealed, among other things, that the pharmaceutical giant has been systematically manipulating viral strains so that it can spread the virus around then provide the “cure.”

Such research methods mirror the gain-of-function research that many believe was taking place at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where a lab leak is presumed to have been the likely origin of COVID-19.
We asked @pfizer for a comment – they refused. That’s a Pfact.
— Project Veritas (@Project_Veritas) February 3, 2023

“I hope we don’t discover something really bad down the line,”
said Pfizer bureaucrat Jordon Trishton Walker in the hidden-camera recording.

“…If something were to happen downstream and it was, like, really bad? I mean, the scale of that scandal would be enormous,” he continued. “Yeah, or the entire next generation’s super fu**ed up. Could you imagine the scandal? Oh, my God, I would take Pfizer off my resume.”



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Why Have So Many People 'Died Suddenly'?​

A Commentary By Brian C Joondeph

Tuesday, February 07, 2023

The Twitter hashtag #DiedSuddenly has been trending based on the plethora of sudden and unexplained deaths among the young and healthy over the past two years.

Stories abound and here are a few found at the time of this writing.

In Australia, “Fit and healthy 21 year old son dies suddenly in his sleep.” From the University of Arizona, “A recent member of Arizona’s men’s swim team has unexpectedly passed away.” In Detroit, a high school basketball player suffered a cardiac arrest during a basketball game. While they restarted his heart, he hasn’t woken up.

Then there was Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin who went into cardiac arrest after an unremarkable hit during a January NFL game. What about aggregate statistics rather than anecdotal stories?

A few brave researchers are chronicling these “sudden” and “unexplained” deaths, as they are described in the media. Here is one report, “An investigation of official statistics has found that the number of athletes who have died since the beginning of 2021 has risen exponentially compared to the yearly number of deaths of athletes officially recorded between 1966 and 2004.”

This trend was indeed worrisome, “So much so that the monthly average number of deaths between January 2021 and April 2022 is 1,700% higher than the monthly average between 1966 and 2004.”

Why isn’t the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) publishing their own data? If this is all “misinformation,” as big tech and the corporate media describe it, the government health authorities should easily be able to disprove it, rather than calling on social media giants to censor or ban anything contrary to their “safe and effective” mantra.

Despite Big Medicine and the media’s attempts to play this all off as normal, average Americans are noticing and are understandably concerned. Since when is it “normal” for high school and college athletes to have heart attacks and blood clots, often fatal? Why are these daily news stories now compared to years ago when one might hear of only a few cases per year, typically attributed to a previously undiagnosed congenital or other heart anomaly? Why do these cases remain “unexplained” leaving “doctors mystified”?

America has the best medical care system in the world and few medical maladies remain “unexplained”, other than the recent surge in sudden deaths among the young and healthy.

Rasmussen Reports asked Americans what they think about all of this. In a national telephone and online survey of 1,000 adult Americans published a month ago, four questions were asked:

-- Have you received a COVID-19 vaccination?

-- How likely is it that side effects of COVID-19 vaccines have caused a significant number of unexplained deaths?

-- Do you personally know anyone whose death you think may have been caused by side effects of COVID-19 vaccines?

-- Which is closer to your belief, that there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, or that people who worry about vaccine safety are spreading conspiracy theories?

How did they answer? 71% of those surveyed were vaccinated, comparable to the national average. Virtually half of respondents don’t believe the “disinformation” mantra propagated by “fact checkers”, mainstream media, and the government. “49% of American adults believe it is likely that side effects of COVID-19 vaccines have caused a significant number of unexplained deaths, including 28% who think it’s very likely.”

Furthermore, “28% of adults say they personally know someone whose death they think may have been caused by side effects of COVID-19 vaccines.” And “48% of Americans believe there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.”

The 2022 film “Died Suddenly” reinforces the above concerns, despite critics describing the movie as “baseless," “propaganda” or “pseudoscience." Maybe it is, maybe not. Why doesn’t the CDC do a simple analysis, as Steve Kirsch has suggested, linking death and vaccination records? Kirsch has even offered a 10-to-1 return on a bet anyone wants to make disproving his analysis or conclusions.

Since COVID-19, distrust in medical authorities has declined. According to Pew Research, “29% of U.S. adults say they have a great deal of confidence in medical scientists to act in the best interests of the public, down from 40% who said this in November 2020.”

Much of what we have been told over the past few years has turned out to be false. A recent Cleveland Clinic study found that more vaccine doses lead to a greater likelihood of getting COVID-19. Or a Cochrane analysis concluding that masks in the community made “little to no difference” in COVID-19 infections or deaths. Weren’t we told otherwise by authoritative doctors in white coats?

Someday there will be another public health emergency and it would behoove health authorities to set the record straight, either proving their assertions, or admitting they were wrong. Otherwise, they will have little future credibility, much like the boy who cried wolf.

Brian C Joondeph, MD, is a physician and writer.
Follow me on Twitter @retinaldoctor
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LinkedIn @Brian Joondeph

See Other Commentaries by Brian C. Joondeph.


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Brooklyn Rapper and Actor Boom P Reportedly Dead at 35​


Boom P — a New York rapper, actor, and social media influencer also known as Boom Pacino — has reportedly died at age 35.
On Tuesday, Feb. 7, The U.S. Sun reported that Boom P “died suddenly,” and fans have been posting their condolences for the Brooklyn-based artist and remembrances […] Click here to view original web page at


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Scott Alexander, a Pennsylvania husband, father of three, and professional magician died suddenly after suffering a stroke, his wife Jenny said on Instagram. He was 52.

Alexander — who once wowed TV audiences on "America's Got Talent" in 2011 and has ties to both Parkesburg and Lancaster — was working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean Sea at the time of his death, Jenny said. The magician's social media shows his most recent employer as Royal Caribbean Cruises.

View this post on Instagram
"He is gone," Jenny wrote in a public post on Facebook. "We have lost a father, a husband, a son, a brother, a friend, a mentor, and one hell of an entertainer."

Alexander was booked to perform at Smoke and Mirrors Magic Theater in Abington on Feb. 14 and 15, with the former show being sold out as of Tuesday, Feb. 7. Jenny is asking for ticketholders' patience "as we sort things out."

On his YouTube channel, Alexander said he spent seven years performing at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and said he'd previously worked as an entertainer for Disney Cruise Lines. In addition to AGT, Alexander performed on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Penn & Teller: Fool Us, per his online bio.

On stage, the magician charmed audiences with his extensive use of humor and crowd work.

Off stage, loved ones say the dad-of-three was a loving and attentive family man. He raised his family in the Octorara School District in western Chester County and once performed a show to help raise funds for the high school's new out
By Explore Minnesota Tourism
"Those within this circle knew him as a good man, a loving Husband, a caring father," wrote GoFundMe campaign organizer Ashley DeStephano.

"[He was] the dad who helped with homecoming parade floats, science projects, Halloween costumes, his kids’ talent show school performances [...] He very clearly loved his family, his wife, and his three children," she said.

Click here to donate to the Alexander Family on


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Former Georgia Bulldogs tennis player Lilly Kimbell dies at 31​

  • From Staff Reports
  • 22 hrs ago

Former University of Georgia women’s tennis player Lilly Kimbell, a 2014 graduate, passed away Sunday at the age of 31.
According to her family's social media, Kimbell had issues with her kidneys that resulted in a heart attack. Family and emergency officials performed CPR on Kimbell, and she was taken to the hospital, but she was without oxygen for an extended period. The family then had to make the difficult decision to take her off life support.
“We were stunned and heartbroken to learn of Lilly passing away,” said Georgia head coach Jeff Wallace. “I will always remember how she helped create a culture of excellence with her attitude and work ethic. Lilly was a fantastic teammate and was always smiling and laughing during practice and matches. She ranks as one of the most successful doubles players in Georgia tennis history. During the spring of her sophomore year, she went undefeated in doubles with Maho (Kowase), and their 22-match winning streak is still a school record. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family.”


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Basketball player Vassilis Christodoulou suddenly passed away at just 21 last night in Thessaloniki.​

The basketball player Vassilis Christodoulou passed away at 21, after suffering a heart attack at his home. He played in the “Knights of Charilaou” team.

Vassilis Christodoulou
The club said goodbye to him with the following announcement, stating that everything is now on the back burner: “After the sudden death of Vassilis Christodoulou, everything is on the back burner… for the time being, the team’s page will not be updated…”.

A coroner has been called in to investigate the death.

‘America’s Got Talent’ Magician Scott Alexander Dead at 52 After Suffering Stroke​

Fernando Leon/Getty Images for Faculty Productions/Instagram
Alana Mastrangelo8 Feb 20231


America’s Got Talent magician Scott Alexander has died at the age of 52 after suffering a stroke while working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

“I lost my husband yesterday. My kids lost their father. He suffered a stroke while working on a cruise ship in St Kitts and did not make it home to us. We are shattered. Please hold us in your prayers,” Alexander’s wife, Jenny, wrote in an Instagram post on Monday.

In 2011, Alexander appeared on Season 6 of America’s Got Talent, where he made it all the way to the quarterfinals before being eliminated.
During his audition, he made a woman appear to levitate over of water, and received a “yes” vote from the show’s three judges, Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and Howie Mandel. In the quarterfinals, the magician created an illusion of a disappearing gospel choir.

After appearing on America’s Got Talent, Alexander was featured in the second season of Penn & Teller: Fool Us in 2015.
Stuntman Jonathan Goodwin, who has also appeared on America’s Got Talent, took to Twitter to pay tribute to Alexander.
“A brilliant and creative magician left us today. Scott Alexander was fab, and he gifted us with great performances and awesome material which will take his name forward. A real loss. Scott was one of the really good ones,” Goodwin wrote.

Alexander is survived by his wife Jenny and their three children.


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A teenage girl has died after falling seriously ill at a pharmacy in Barking this morning (February 8). The incident happened on Station Parade, near Barking Station, where emergency services were called at around 11.27am.

London Ambulance Service and Metropolitan Police attended to the scene where the teenager was found. The victim was rushed to hospital where she sadly died.

Police have confirmed her next of kin has been notified. Her death is being treated as 'unexpected' and the circumstances are being investigated.

Read More: Archie Battersbee was 'on the brink of death' for four months, medical director tells inquest

Met Police has released a brief statement confirming details of the incident. A spokesperson said: "Police were called by LAS at 11:27hrs on Wednesday 8 February after a teenage girl was taken seriously unwell in a pharmacy in Station Parade, Barking.


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“Fit and Healthy People are Dropping Down with Heart Issues” – Fed-Up Aussie Journalist Says He’s ‘Done with COVID Vaccines’ on Live TV (VIDEO)​

By Jim Hoft
Published February 9, 2023 at 9:00am

Popular Australian television presenter and journalist for the Nine Network, Karl Stefanovic, has shocked his viewers after he publicly criticized the latest recommendations for a fifth booster shot of the Covid vaccine on live TV.

On Wednesday, the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (ATAGI) released new recommendations for Covid-19 booster shots for all adult Australians. People above the age of 30 are recommended to get the fifth jab, while those between the ages of 18 and 29 should get the fourth jab.

During Wednesday’s episode of Nine Network’s breakfast program Today, fully vaccinated Stefanovic said that the shot could lead to “heart issues.”

“As you know, I’m not a glowing ambassador for more than two shots. I’ve just decided that I’ve had covert a couple of times, and I’m done with the vaccines,” Stefanovic said.

(My note - I believe that should read "I've had covid twice, not "covert") above. He and his entire family tested poitive and were pretty miserable after their first vaccinations, IIRC, which was a story of it's own back then. Apparently, he had it another time as well. Didn't want to change the original text on my own.)

Stefanovic was part of an advertisement for Australia’s vaccination campaign.

Watch the video below:

How it started and how it’s going for Karl Stefanovic.
— Avi Yemini (@OzraeliAvi) February 8, 2023

Stefanovic is more worried of having complications if he has another dose of the COVID vaccine than getting the COVID.

“The other thing that I’m concerned about is that if I have another dose, that I may get complications. I’ve seen all this, all these reports on the internet about fit and healthy people just dropping down with heart issues, and it’s still not obviously established yet whether or not the vaccine caused some of these heart issues. But that’s a worry for me more so than getting COVID,” he said.

Watch the video below:

Karl Stefanovic & Nick Coatsworth Go Completely Off Script, Discuss Sudden Deaths, Efficacy Problems#auspol
— Australians vs. The Agenda (@ausvstheagenda) February 8, 2023

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Military Pilots Reported 1,700% More Medical Incidents During the Pandemic. The Pentagon Says They Just Had COVID​


Patricia Kime
Thu, February 9, 2023 at 4:55 PM EST·5 min read

The number of medical events that triggered official reporting requirements among U.S. military pilots rose more than 1,700% from 2019 to 2022, an increase the Pentagon says was the result of COVID-19.
Last month, an Army flight surgeon and prominent opponent of the U.S. military's now-defunct COVID-19 vaccine mandate posted data on Twitter showing that the number of reportable medical events among military aviators rose from an average 226 a year between 2016 and 2019 to 4,059 in 2022, according to the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database.
But the Pentagon says the pilots contracted the virus and that large number of positive COVID-19 cases drove up the reported medical events. The virus spread in record numbers in 2021 and 2022, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Defense Health Agency.
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The flight surgeon, Lt. Col. Theresa Long, has filed for whistleblower protection and testified against the vaccine mandate, alleging that the vaccine carries risk of severe side effects -- more than the illness itself. Long did not respond to a request for comment from
According to her tweet, Long said she searched the database for all reportable events involving military pilots following the Federal Aviation Administration’s announcement in October it was easing some requirements for airline pilots regarding their cardiac health.
She, along with other opponents of mRNA vaccines, asserts that the FAA policy change was related to an increased number of patients with heart damage caused by the vaccines, according to her tweets.
Studies show, however, that the risks associated with COVID-19 vaccines are low. Rare side effects may include heart inflammation and short increases -- less than a day -- in a woman’s menstrual cycle, but with nearly 670 million doses given in the U.S. since Dec. 14, 2020, adverse events have remained low, even as 1.1 million Americans have died of the coronavirus.
The Defense Department said this week that the increase in reportable adverse events among military pilots is the result of COVID-19 itself, not the vaccines.
Responding to a query from, Defense Health Agency spokesman Peter Graves said Long mischaracterized the data in the defense epidemiology database, saying that she defined reportable events as those that cause "death, permanent harm or severe temporary harm," but the Pentagon also requires that potential threats to the population, the chance of widespread transmission, or illnesses that cause disruption to training or operations be reported.
This includes COVID-19, according to Force Health Protection Guidance issued in 2020.
"The increased numbers of reportable events in 2020, 2021, and 2022 are due to the reporting of COVID-19 cases," Graves said in an email Thursday.
In 2022, 96% of the 4,059 reportable events among pilots -- 3,887 cases -- were COVID-19 diagnoses, Graves said. The disease also accounted for 88% of all reportable events across all military occupations, he added.
The Defense Department has recorded 453,456 cases of COVID-19 among military personnel since the start of the pandemic in February 2020, with 2,741 service members hospitalized in the last three years and 96 deaths.
More than 2 million service members have been vaccinated against the illness. More than 8,400 service members were discharged for refusing to follow the vaccine order, which was dropped officially last month after Congress voted to rescind it.
Studies have shown that there is a slight risk for two types of heart inflammation, myocarditis and pericarditis, following COVID-19 vaccinations, but the occurrences are rare.
Research published last year in the journal JAMA Cardiology found that, of 23.1 million people in four Nordic countries who received the vaccine, there were 1,077 incidents of myocarditis and 1,149 incidents of pericarditis, with the risk greatest in the first seven days after the second dose of either the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccines, particularly among males ages 16 to 24. was the first American news outlet to report on a suspected link between myocarditis and the vaccines, as several service members were diagnosed with heart inflammation issues after the military vaccination effort launched.
A study later published in JAMA Cardiology found that, in the U.S. military population, the rate of the development of myocarditis following vaccination was 12.6 per 1 million members vaccinated.
When the FAA changed its policies last October for pilots with a mild form of a cardiovascular condition known as a heart block, mRNA vaccine opponents asserted that the change was to accommodate pilots adversely affected by the COVID-19 vaccine.
The FAA said the change had nothing to do with the vaccine and the decision was "based on data and science." The new policy alleviates a reporting and certification requirement for pilots with the condition who have no symptoms or whose doctors say they are OK to fly.
In December, an amendment proposed to reinstate service members discharged as a result of the DoD COVID-19 vaccine mandate failed in the Senate, with opponents arguing that it would undermine future military discipline and orders.
The Pentagon also opposes issuing any back pay to those who were dismissed.
"What I would tell you is that, right now, we are not currently pursuing back pay to service members who were dismissed for refusing to take the COVID vaccine," Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said during a news conference Jan. 17. Military Pilots Reported 1,700% More Medical Incidents During the Pandemic. The Pentagon Says They Just Had COVID



Cody Longo, actor from 'Days of Our Lives,' 'CSI' and 'Piranha 3D,' dead at 34​

Cody Longo, an actor who appeared on "Days of Our Lives" and "Nashville," has died. He was 34.

Longo's representative Alex Gittelson confirmed his death and provided a statement from the actor's wife, Stephanie Clark, with whom he shared two children, on Friday.

“Cody was our whole world," Clark said in the statement. "The kids and I are shattered and beyond devastated. He was the best dad and best father. We will always and forever miss you and love you.”

A cause of death was not provided.

Longo appeared in several popular television shows, including "Medium," "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and "CSI: NY." He also appeared in the 2010 horror comedy "Piranha 3D."

He played Nicholas Alamain on the soap opera "Days of Our Lives" for eight episodes in 2011.

Cody Longo, an actor who appeared on Days of Our Lives and Nashville, has died. He was 34.

Per his Internet Movie Database page, Longo had three upcoming projects, including an untitled racing television show. In 2018, he walked the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards and at the Grammy Awards.

According to IMDb, Longo, who also went by the name Cody Anthony, was born in Colorado and studied psychology and film at the University of California, Los Angeles and started his professional acting career in 2009. He was also a singer and songwriter whose song "She Said" charted on Billboard in 2014, per IMDb.

Burt Bacharach dead at 94: Dionne Warwick, Tony Bennett, Rick Astley, more mourn composer

Longo served as a music writer on the 2018 film "Rich Boy, Rich Girl" and on the 2014 film "Wildflower," in which he also starred. His most recent acting credit was on the television show "High School Crimes & Misdemeanors" in 2020.

He and Clark wed in 2015.


Reports: ‘Days of Our Lives’ and ‘Hollywood Heights’ Actor Cody Longo Dead at 34​

attends HBO's post 2016 Golden Globe Awards party at Circa 55 Restaurant on January 10, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic
David Ng11 Feb 2023121


Actor Cody Longo, who starred in NBC’s daytime drama series Days of Our Lives and Nickelodeon’s high school series Hollywood Heights, has died at age 34, according to multiple reports.
The actor’s representative, Alex Gittelson, told The Hollywood Reporter that Longo died in his sleep in Austin, Texas, before his body was discovered on Wednesday. No cause of death has been announced.
TMZ reported Longo’s wife, Stephanie, was at work at a local dance studio and called the police when she couldn’t reach him. Cops kicked their door down and found his body in bed.
“Cody was our whole world,” his wife said in a statement. “The kids and I are shattered and beyond devastated. He was the best dad and best father. We will always and forever miss you and love you.”

Cody Longo starred as rock star Eddie Duran in Hollywood Heights, which aired on Nick at Nite and Teen Nick. He also appeared as a recurring character in Days of Our Lives.
His other credits include parts in the ABC series Nashville and the 2009 movie reboot of Fame.
TMZ reported Longo struggled with alcohol abuse for years and was recently in rehab, according to some family members.

David Jolicoeur, Co-Founder of Hip Hop Group De La Soul, Dead at 54​

performs onstage during the Meadows Music And Arts Festival - Day 2 at Citi Field on September 16, 2017 in New York City.
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images
Alana Mastrangelo13 Feb 20233


Rapper David Jolicoeur — also known as Trugoy the Dove — who co-founded the hip hop group De La Soul, has died at the age of 54.

Sources familiar with the situation told TMZ that Jolicoeur died on Sunday, February 12, at a hospital in Maryland. No additional details were provided, so the cause of the rapper’s death remains unclear.

The outlet noted that it was told Jolicoeur’s death appeared to be from natural causes, adding that he was battling an undisclosed illness.
Jolicoeur was perhaps best known for being a founding member of the hip hop trio De La Soul, which was established in 1987, and went on to produce a total of eight studio albums.
Some of their popular songs include “Rock Co.Kane Flow,” “Pain,” “Me, Myself and I,” “Say No Go,” “Breakadawn,” “The Magic Number,” “Eye Know,” “Oooh,” “All Good,” “Ring Ring Ring,” “Stakes Is High,” “Buddy,” “Ghetto Thang,” and “I Am I Be,” among many others.
Listen to “Rock Co.Kane Flow” Below:

Listen to “Pain” Below:

De La Soul’s work spanned the late 80s through the 2010s, with their 1989 debut album, “3 Feet High and Rising,” being certified platinum, and their second album, “De La Soul Is Dead,” which came out in 1991, being certified gold.
After that, their fifth album, “Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump,” which came out in 1996, was certified silver.
At the time of publishing, De La Soul’s official social media accounts have not said anything about the passing of Jolicoeur.


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TRAGIC: 17-Year-Old Football Player Dies Suddenly In His Sleep Following A “Cardiac Arrest”
The disturbing global trend involving young individuals passing away without warning continues.

Last week in Laval, Quebec, Canada, a 17-year-old football player named William Caron-Cabrera died reportedly following a “cardiac arrest.” He was a student at Curé-Antoine-Labelle High School.

The official cause of Caron-Cabrera’s “cardiac arrest” activity and subsequent death is unknown at this time. A full autopsy has yet to be performed.

Here is the story from the Courrier Laval (story translated by Dr. William Makis, MD):

The Wolves of Curé-Antoine-Labelle high school are in mourning. They announced the death of their player William Caron-Cabrera earlier in the week of February 6.

He was in secondary five and was to continue his sporting career with the Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy (CNDF) at the college level. The defensive back also worked for the Quebec teams and the Laval-Nord Vikings.

“It is with sadness that we learned of the death of one of our own, can we read on the Facebook page of the Laval team. William […] had just completed his fifth season with the Wolves. Our deepest thoughts go out to his family and loved ones.”

According to information issued by the Laval Police Department, he died in his sleep following a cardiac arrest. The cause would be neither suspicious, in any way criminal, nor due to a suicide.

Appreciated person

Several organizations and relatives of the 17-year-old athlete reacted to the death.

“William was a quality athlete, everyone’s friend, always there to make us laugh and his departure will leave a great void in our big family of Handball Laval, can we read on the Facebook page of this same organization of the Jesus Island. Will, take care of your gang of buddies and rest in peace.”

“William Caron-Cabrera was a talented, passionate, playful and smiling player who we were blessed to count among [our] big family”, adds the Flag-Football Terrebonne club. It is with heavy hearts that we learn of his passing today. He was able to make a positive impression on people throughout his too short life.
Hopefully Caron-Cabrera’s family will receive the full reason for his sudden passing. Too many families of these young people has never received closure.


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Catastrophic Public Health Emergency in Canada! 'Five Canadian teenagers ages 17-19 died suddenly in their sleep in the past month'; teens do not just die in their sleep & suddenly! Dr. William Makis​

Nordic nations such as Sweden have stopped these COVID shots in young persons; why has Canada continued when it is all risk & no benefit? Makis shares this stunning turn of events in Canada​

Dr. Paul Alexander 3 hr ago

Dr. William Makis, MD shares this stunning turn of events in Canada in teens due and linked direct to the COVID gene injection, mRNA & they all died in their sleep, ages 17 to 19 years, 2 that died were from Alberta (see his substack below).

These teen boys died and their deaths occurred when?
  1. On February 6, 2023, 17 year old William Caron-Cabrera (Laval, QC) died in his sleep following a cardiac arrest (click here).
  2. On February 4, 2023, 17 year old Tyree Rogers (Chestermere, AB) died in his sleep (click here).
  3. On January 11, 2023, 17 year old Noah Bouzane (Paradise, NL) died in his sleep (click here).
  4. On January 6, 2023, 19 year old Jayden Lopez (Edmonton, AB) died in his sleep (click here)
  5. On December 30, 2022, 18 year old Theo James Gibbs (Regina, SK) died in his sleep (click here)’
Makis shared this critical table and I invite you to read his substack on this story below. I also embed my prior substack on William Caron-Cabrera’s death in his sleep and the questions relating to the COVID vaccine.

More info:



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Bemidji High School assistant football coach Jim McKeon dies unexpectedly​

Jim McKeon, a longtime Bemidji High School football assistant coach, died unexpectedly over the weekend.​

Jim McKeon.jpg

Jim McKeon
Courtesy / Lainie Hiller Photography
By Pioneer Staff Report
February 13, 2023 04:07 PM
The Trust Project We are part of The Trust Project.

BEMIDJI — Bemidji High School football assistant coach Jim McKeon passed away unexpectedly over the weekend.
"It is with great sadness and with a very heavy heart that we announce the passing of coach Jim McKeon," BHS head football coach Bryan Stoffel said in a Facebook post on Monday. "Jim has spent over 20 years being a positive force for kids in Bemidji.
"Known to those that knew him from afar as the 'coach who always wears shorts,' Jim will be remembered by those that had the pleasure to know him as a kind-hearted friend.
"As devastated as we are, we take comfort knowing he's with his daughter, Gianna, and will be looking over us all. We love and will miss our dear friend."
The McKeon family lost Gianna in January 2022 at the age of 10 after being diagnosed in February 2021 with telangiectatic osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer.


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Goalkeeper, 25, dies suddenly after saving penalty in 'tragic shock' to his club​

A Belgian football club and their players are currently in a state of mourning after their goalkeeper collapsed and passed away moments after saving a penalty in a match


Espeel was only 25-year-old when he passed away

Espeel was only 25-year-old when he passed away (Image: Twitter/ToqueSports)

A 25-year-old goalkeeper died suddenly after saving a penalty for his team.
Belgian goalkeeper Arne Espeel passed away soon after he saved a penalty for his side Winkel Sport B. Soon after the dave against SK Westrozebeke, he collapsed on the lawn and showed no vital signs.

Desperate players and teammates rushed to give him first aid and emergency services arrived and gave him some defibrillator treatment. However, they were unable to save him as he died in hospital.
Read More: Fans puzzled as Gary Neville calls Jack Grealish penalty 'dive' a 'karaoke-type movement'
A statement from the club read: “Arne has played for us since he was a kid, and everybody really liked him.
“It's impossible to understand how something like this could happen to someone so young. He had been a completely healthy young lad before.”

Winkel Sport were winning 2-1 before the penalty was awarded to Westrozebeke. Espeel made the save to keep his side in the lead, prompting huge celebrations.


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Patrick McCormack​

| February 13, 2023


Patrick McCormack, 37, St. Helen, died Feb. 9, 2023, suddenly at his home as the result of a suspected pulmonary embolism while he was clearing his front steps of snow.
His family will be celebrating his life on his next birthday, June 3, in St. Helen, where he resided. Lee-Ramsay Funeral Home, Standish Chapel, handled arrangements.
His family members expressed their loss, saying they are heartbroken by his sudden death. They thank all those who shared stories, memories, support or encouragement from his widespread range of friends.
His family will miss the one they called “big brother,” “Uncle Bum Bum”, “Baby boy” and “Scooter.”

His family thinks he may have experienced “heaven on earth” this last deer season with two 10-point bucks and a successful hunt next to his nephew and hopes he is at peace now.
Preceding him in death were his mother Lisa; uncle, Pat; brother-in-law, Paul; and grandparents.
Surviving are his fiancé, Christine Testorelli; father, Jim McCormack; and sister, Samantha Rhodes (Paul).


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Podcaster Rachel Hollis 'Devastated' Over Ex-Husband Dave Hollis' Death at 47​

By Mona Khalifeh‍ 4:14 PM PST, February 14, 2023

Rachel Hollis and Dave Hollis

Rob Latour/Variety/Penske Media via Getty Images/Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images
Podcaster and motivational speaker Rachel Hollis is mourning the death of her ex-husband, Dave Hollis. The former Disney executive died suddenly at his home in Texas at the age of 47. His family confirmed his death in a Feb. 14 statement to the Los Angeles Times, in which they shared that Dave's death comes after a recent hospitalization for heart issues.

Rachel took to Instagram Tuesday where she also confirmed Dave's death, calling the news "devastating."

"I have no words and my heart is too broken to find them," the Girl, Wash Your Face author wrote. "Please wrap the kids up in prayers as we try and navigate through the unthinkable."

The couple, who share four children, announced in June 2020 that they were splitting up after 16 years of marriage.

"We started out as best friends 18 years ago and the truth is, that core friendship and the parts of us that work so well, have become a band-aid for the parts of us that don't," Rachel wrote on Instagram at the time. "We have worked endlessly over the last three years to make this work."
She continued, "And have come to the conclusion that it is healthier and more respectful for us to choose this as the end of our journey as a married couple."
The couple remained committed to co-parenting their kids, with Dave writing in a Feb. 2021 Instagram post, "We’ll forever have a partnership in raising these humans, the good memories of our marriage offsetting the things that didn’t work."
He added, "But that was, on the other side, also the RIGHT & BEST thing for each of us & for our kids as they get raised by the better versions of us."

Before joining Rachel's content company as chief executive in 2018, Dave -- who also served as a motivational speaker -- spent 17 years at Walt Disney Studios.


On and On, South of Heaven
Pregnant 26-Year-Old Mother-of-Three Dies Suddenly After “Sudden Cardiac Arrest,” Unborn Baby Dead As Well

One would have a hard time finding a story more heartbreaking than this. This involves not only the sudden death of a young woman but also a child who never received the opportunity to experience life on Earth.

On the morning of February 7th, pregnant 26-year-old Zoe Green from Kettering, England suffered a “sudden cardiac arrest” and died. Her unborn child, who she planned on naming Cobie, also passed away.

She had no known serious health issues. In fact, her family and friends said she was fine until that fateful morning.

The cause of her “sudden cardiac arrest” is unknown at this time. No official cause of death has been released either.

She leaves behind three young children.


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BANGKOK (AP) — One of the 12 boys rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand in 2018 after being trapped for more than two weeks has died in England, where he was attending a sports academy, the foundation sponsoring his studies said Wednesday.
Duangphet “Dom” Phromthep, 17, was found unconscious in his room on Sunday at the Brooke House College Football Academy in Leicestershire and was taken to a hospital, where he died Tuesday, Thailand’s Zico Foundation said. The school also confirmed his death.
“This event has left our college community deeply saddened and shaken,” school principal Ian Smith said in a statement. “We unite in grief with all of Dom’s family, friends, former teammates and those involved in all parts of his life, as well as everyone affected in any way by this loss in Thailand and throughout the college’s global family.”
The head of the Zico Foundation, former Thai national team captain and coach Kiatisuk Senamuang, said in an online news conference that he did not know the cause of death and that Dom had apparently been in good health.
Dom was the captain of the Wild Boars, a youth soccer team in the northern Thai province of Chiang Rai. Twelve members of the team aged 11 to 16 and their coach were exploring the Tham Luang cave complex in June 2018 when they were trapped by rapidly rising floodwaters. A massive search and rescue operation was launched that involved international divers.
The boys spent nine nights lost in the cave, living on very little food and water, before a diver spotted them deep in the twisting cave complex huddled on a patch of dirt above the rising water line. The moment was captured on video and soon broadcast to the world.

It was another eight days before all were safely rescued. A team of expert divers guided each of the boys out of the cave on special stretchers after anesthetizing them to keep them calm enough to transport. The operation required placing oxygen canisters along the path where the divers maneuvered through dark, tight and twisting passageways filled with muddy water and strong currents.
Dom’s mother, who joined the online news conference, said she hoped a Buddhist monk in England could conduct rites for Dom so his spirit would not be trapped where he died according to Buddhist beliefs.
The story of the Wild Boars, which was covered intensely by international media, has been retold in several movies, including Ron Howard’s 2022 feature film “Thirteen Lives” and the 2021 documentary “The Rescue.”


On and On, South of Heaven
Jackson State Football Player Suddenly Collapses with Cardiac Arrest, Now in a Coma
7 Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
Warner Todd Huston17 Feb 2023110

A college football player at Mississippi’s Jackson State University collapsed with cardiac arrest after complaining of stomach pains on Wednesday, according to reports.

Sophomore Kaseem Vauls reportedly began feeling ill on Tuesday night and collapsed by the following day.
He was rushed to a hospital where he underwent an “emergency procedure,” according to his father, WLBT reported.

On Thursday, Kassem Vauls, the player’s father, tweeted to friends and family that his son was at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and was “heavily sedated” after surgery.

Vauls added that his son is on a respirator so “his organs can rest and not work so hard.”

Vauls has not reported what might have caused the stomach pains or the cardiac arrest.
The student is a defensive lineman with the Jackson State Tigers after transferring from Alabama A&M ahead of the 2022 season.


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Jackson State Football Player Suddenly Collapses with Cardiac Arrest, Now in a Coma
7 Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
Warner Todd Huston17 Feb 2023110

A college football player at Mississippi’s Jackson State University collapsed with cardiac arrest after complaining of stomach pains on Wednesday, according to reports.

Sophomore Kaseem Vauls reportedly began feeling ill on Tuesday night and collapsed by the following day.
He was rushed to a hospital where he underwent an “emergency procedure,” according to his father, WLBT reported.

On Thursday, Kassem Vauls, the player’s father, tweeted to friends and family that his son was at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and was “heavily sedated” after surgery.

Vauls added that his son is on a respirator so “his organs can rest and not work so hard.”

Vauls has not reported what might have caused the stomach pains or the cardiac arrest.
The student is a defensive lineman with the Jackson State Tigers after transferring from Alabama A&M ahead of the 2022 season.
He went to the hospital for stomach pain, then while there had a cardiac arrest


On and On, South of Heaven
12-Year-Old Football Player Dies Suddenly After Collapsing on the Field During Practice
Elijah Jordan Brown-Garcia died after collapsing at football practice on Friday, February 10.

He just turned 12 two months ago.

Elijah’s family is still looking for answers to what happened.

According to NBC New York, the tragic event took place in Newark at a youth team’s training while Elijah Jordon Brown-Garcia was doing two of the things he loved most: spending time with his younger brother and getting ready for football practice.

Elijah played for the Essex County Predators, a team owned by Bloomfield-based Big 21.

With the season still months away, Elijah was practicing football at West Side Park together with his 10-year-old brother Mekhi.

Without warning, Elijah passed out. Mekhi immediately contacted his mom, and another parent dialed 911, but no one performed CPR. The coach was running errands when the incident happened.

“He didn’t get hit, like no contact or anything. He ran about 20 yards, said he was going to take a little break. I don’t think he took enough time,” said brother Mekhi Stradford.

Raven Brown, his mother, was shocked by the incident because her son had no history of health issues, News 12 reported.

“No contact. It was just drills running back and forth. He didn’t get hit,” Brown says. “He was a healthy kid…I don’t know why Friday night was his day.”

Brown said that her 10-year-old son Mekhi called to tell her that Elijah had suddenly collapsed and was no longer responsive.

Brown claims she arrived at the location before the ambulance did. She claimed it took two calls from those on the field and a third from her before an ambulance arrived.

“I beat the ambulance there,” Brown says. “Like 30-40 minutes. It took them a long time.”

Elijah was taken to University Hospital where he later died.

No details have been released on the cause of death.