POL Poll -Was George Floyd Murdered? (interested in the #'s here at TB2k)

Was George Floyd Murdered?

  • A cop kneeling on a subdued mans neck for 9 minutes resulting in death is murder.

    Votes: 4 7.0%
  • Chauvin Legally subdued Floyd who died resisting arrest as a result of his own choices/actions.

    Votes: 53 93.0%

  • Total voters
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Ok, like the Ashlis Babbit thread, Saint George Floyd has been thrust upon us to cause turmoil and contention.
I do believe George Floyd died of a combination of narcotics, of lifestyle of bad choices, including ingesting drugs, fighting police, and all the rest.. I think he is a TERRIBLE role model for the SJW crowd looking to emphasis injustices, when they always pick serial criminals or people murked in the act of extreme violence with disregard to life... They just lose all credibility..

that being said..

I think a cop leaning on a subdued and cuffed mans neck for 9 minutes is murder. We DO NOT cede that type of extra judicial authority to under educated over maculated (and sometimes under) street-beat cops.

No name calling/ emoting at other members!


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He should have been, thug that he was, long before he caused the trouble he did. But we live in an unjust world, so now we get Saint George Floyd.

I know, not a choice, so if I gotta it's a resounding NO.


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You must remember, Saint Floyd was a convicted African felon,
who passed a fake $20 bill, which is still a crime.

He was taken into custody, and he resisted arrest, as he was supposed
to do, and as a result, he ended up on the pavement, next to the squad.

He continued to resist arrest, even when placed on the ground.

IMHO, LEO should have simply walked away from him. Let the African be.

He would have been dead, without LEO involvement, in a few hours,
and his now being deaded, and perhaps some White people waking up,
are the only good things to have come out of this event.

Saint Floyd died, because he was a convicted African felon,
high as a kite, who resisted arrest for a crime, that he had just committed.

Eventually there will be a statue of him, along with other African martyrs and saints,
in DC on the Capital Mall. Perhaps a federal holiday.

He will not be forgotten, as his story will become skool book material.

Please be safe everyone.

Regards to all.


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You must remember, Saint Floyd was a convicted African felon,
who passed a fake $20 bill, which is still a crime.
A deed worthy of capital punishment?

He was definitely a bad man but he was restrained and there were, I think, 3 other cops there to help.
They had him in the car and let him out

I don't think it was murder but excessive force that resulted in death


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I heard somewhere he had 2x lethal dose of fentanyl which would cause his lungs to fill with fluid. Would correlate with "I can't breathe." I'm sure the knee didn't help either, but if you can talk you can breathe.
That was 3X the lethal blood level...as per the medical examiner who performed the autopsy.


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I can t believe that 3 people voted for the POS. I have been in police custody several times, not for crimes, and complied with what I was told. I am still alive. Imagine that. For those who think Floyd was murdered... Get with the program


More choices as has already been said. Floyd had a relationship with the cop outside of this incident and I don't know if that played into the treatment or not. Floyd was definitely in medical distress and Chauvin didn't allow any medical assistance for him even when he was no longer resisting. The cop was wrong, used excessive force but I don't know if he intended to kill him or not.

In my mind there was reasonable doubt in convicting him of either first or second degree murder. Manslaughter and gross negligence perhaps but not murder. And Floyd contributed to his own demise as has already been discussed by his lifestyle choices and having enough drugs in his body that contributed to his death and he might not have died or even suffered serious injury if he didn't have all those drugs in his system.

In this case it's not black or white with all the meanings behind that statement.

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