Contagion Personal First Aid kit for each family member

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Personal First Aid kit for each family member

The following is a Personal First Aid kit I'm putting together for members of my own family. Basically it contains Items that might normally be shared between family members. It all fits in a small plastic container originally designed for children to store crayons and pencils in. Each kit clearly labeled with the owner's name.

I am not a medical practitioner and cannot provide medical advice. Anyone contemplating doing this should discuss it with their Doctor to make sure their kit is appropriate to meet each person's unique needs. Maybe those on the board who are healthcare professionals could suggest or subtract items as they feel appropriate.

Nail clippers
Sewing needle
sterile bandages
First aid tape
Small scissors
Topical antiseptic
Dental floss
Alcohol wipes


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My son and I contracted Influenza B at the beginning of January. I got it from my son who I was caring for. I used the toothpaste one evening and it dawned on me that he had used it as well. I was being very careful in every other way to minimize my exposure to his germs...except the toothpaste. Lesson learned.