Farm Peeps Caught and Detained after Great Escape


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Three peeps escaped their cell block last night. Baby Bertha was caught keeping watch from above while 2 of her co-peeps fouled a nearby tile floor. The three rebels were confined with their cell mates in Box B while renovations were made to cell C. Due to the behavior of these peeps, all inmates will be moved to the maximum security crate on Saturday. The mastermind leader has yet to be identified and a snitch peep has not surfaced. It is hopeful that this banty band of fowl will turn aside from their foul ways and live productive, eggful lives.


LOL! We've been concerned about the inevitable escapees (I've got 25 Sl9w White chicks in the pen in the barn, 25 mixed egg layers I hatched in a rubbermaid tub in the great room, and 130 CornishX coming next week. Plus, a banty hen is running around with five fluffy little bumblebee sized babies ) because of our 6 month old Border Collie pup.

So, when a couple of the Slow Whites got out, hubby was worried the pup would find them first. She did... and promptly herded them back to the pen gate, where she held them until hubby opened it... she pushed them through, and was clearly satisfied with herself!