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Animal Rescue Craft Guild For Australia (fires)

Read this first! FAQs & Answers
Hi there! Thanks so much for joining this group and lending a hand – we rely on the amazing skills of volunteers to produce pouches, wraps and more for orphaned wildlife.
What’s most needed? See the first pinned post with items rated by our need. Joey pouches of all sizes and styles are MOST needed, koala mittens are LOW priority.

Please only follow information shared by admins. This will prevent confusion and misinformation. We work very closely with our carers and know what they do, and do not, need.
Where can I find the patterns? All the patterns can be found under the ‘Files’ tab. On your browser this tab is found on the left hand side of the screen. On a mobile this list will be at the top under the Craft Guild header - swipe through to get to Files.

Sewers: Welcome! We desperately need bat wraps, joey pouches of all sizes, and hanging joey pouches. All of these are in need and can be made with a sewing machine. (No hand sewn items.)
Crocheters: Hi! We need your birds nest making skills! Crocheted nests of various sizes are needed for orphaned birds and small rodents. Also blankets.

Knitters: Bonjour! If you can knit you can make some sweet blankets and jumpers that'll keep our fellas warm. We have some great knitting patterns that can be whipped up for our joeys, lambs, penguins, and other animals. Knitted joey pouches are also needed.

Not a crafter but still want to help? Donations are VERY welcome to cover supplies and postage costs. Make a tax deductible donation here:
The Files section has our APPROVED patterns. We recommend you do not vary from these patterns as they have been checked by our wildlife carers and meet their requirements and preferences.
Have a question? Message Animal Rescue Freecycle Craft Guild and we'll try to answer ASAP.
Joey Pouches FAQs

How many are needed? Carers need a constant supply so as many you can make. They will be needed over the next few months and are distributed to carers all around the country.
What sizes should I make? All sizes are needed from tiny pouches for sugar gliders all the way to large sizes that fit older kangaroo joeys. Whatever you can make is needed. Sizes do not need to be exact because joeys also come in all sizes

What fabric should I use? That depends on which part you’re making.
Inner pouches: 100% natural fibre only (cotton, bamboo, linen, silk). Flannelette or plain cotton are great, some carers love stretchy t-shirt cotton. Upcycled bed sheets and doona covers are perfect for these. Fabric should be very soft (what you would give to a baby). French seams are a MUST for all joey pouch liners.

Outer pouches: Cotton, flannelette, polar fleece, wool, jersey, sweatshirt material, etc. Poly blends and synthetics are OK. Carers have their own preferences based on their experience and environment. French seams are not needed for outer pouches.
3D hanging pouches tutorial: Naomi Huntsman
Bag hanging pouch tutorial: Jess Rettig
See the Files section for instructions and printables! There’s a walkthrough video of how to make the pouches here:
Bat Wraps
See the files section for a great pattern. 100% cotton flannelette is preferred.

Crochet Nests
A variety of sizes are needed. Our recommendation is to use one thread of a cotton 8-10ply and one thread of 8ply acrylic with a 5 to 5.5mm hook. See the files section for our preferred pattern.
Send or drop off to ONLY these locations:
We have a hub-and-spoke set up with rescues so we can best allocate supplies to where they are most needed.

1/382-384 Mowbray Rd
Lane Cove NSW 2066
(prefer Sendle or drop off)

HD Projects
16/8 Jubilee Ave
Warriewood NSW 2102
(business hours)
QLD - currently CLOSED as they are FULL

Allison Cairns, Parcel locker 10012 15247
54 Vicars St
Mitchell ACT 2911
Rescuers! Please fill out this form so we know who you are and what you need:

Note that we are not approving posts saying 'thank you for adding me' or to do with the fires. We often turn off commenting on posts once an answer has been provided to prevent any confusion. These policies are to help reduce clutter on the group so we can focus on our crafting.
P.S. A reminder too that everyone here is a volunteer and most of us also work full time jobs and have other responsibilities. We aim to get back to everyone, answer all questions etc. but as with all volunteer run groups, we aren’t available 24/7.

Thank you for reading and for your hard work! We're all here because we love the animals and want to help.

Donations link -

ARF Main page - Animal Rescue Collective (ARC)

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