Comments Overthrown The Death of America Book 13 Comment Thread...With A Warning

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Please put any comment about book 13 here. NOW the warning. I have always said that I believe that these books are inspired by The Lord. Book 14 was started. Two years ago I was about halfway through with it and the words just stopped coming. There has been no inspiration for the rest of that story, no matter how much I prayed about it. Is it a sign or did I just lose my muse? I can't say. But unless something changes, it will never be finished. Make of it what you will.


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Yes, Thank you so much. I feel that it certainly is coming from The Lord God Himself. Wonderful and uplifting reading, and I am an avid reader. This can SO be what our future holds.


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Thank you fir your story. Hitting my hear and mind. Find peace in the waiting for the direction the story will unfold.


Live Free & Die Free.... God Freedom Country....

Thanks for the inspirational writings....

More to the truth of what will happen than we would wish....



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have you thought about posting them all in one post?
That would make it easier for us readers to find all the parts, in the right order.

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Actually someone already has done that.



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As a new member, I was intrigued by the popularity of this series. However, when I attempted to explore the sequence of books I quickly became confused and stopped trying.

A current, and effective, presentation of the stories in their order which can be followed in this revised site would be welcome.

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I'll tell you what. Should anyone PM me their e-mail address, I'll send the books to you. A warning though. Getting that amount of data from one e-mail address may be seen by your machine as spam and so it wouldn't hurt to check your spam folder before deleting it.

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Well, I've had one request, which was answered this morning. But the offer remains.

R.H. You have mail.