HEALTH Ouch!!! - UPDATE, post 107


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Oh man. Falls have become enemy number one for me. Had a few already. They can be devastating. Hope you heal quickly ND. You are pretty savvy about this stuff. Gonna crimp your style for a bit I expect. I’ll hold your place in the line, should it come to that. Fight on...


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Sorry to hear this ND. How's the flagstone? Kidding. I hope you heal quickly and well. Take care of yourself, too, RELIC. Prayers for you both.


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Sending prayers that you have a speedy recovery. The picture at the hospital should be captioned, "not a good way to spend a summer day"! :(

Jeff B.

Don’t let the Piss Ants get you down…
Oh no! That sounds like a painful experience.

Prayers for full recovery!

Jeff B.


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A couple of months ago, I nearly fell after tripping on some rocks
just outside the garage.

I ended up being on just the ball of my right foot, with my left foot
completely off the ground, I was headed for a bad fall.

For years I took the Korean martial art call Kuk-Sul-Won,
and I remember a form very similar, to the position I found myself in.
I proceeded to do the form, and was able to regain my stance,
and not hit the ground, which would have been devastating at
my advanced age.

Prayers for a speedy recovery.

Please be safe everyone.

Regards to all.