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Does anyone have one of these? My grandmother used to have one for her cross stitch. (The woman was a saint.) I have recently come to accept that when I am handstitching I need more help than my glasses. Especially when I'm doing matching color thread and fabric.
Today I splurged because the sale price on one of them was so good and I would like to continue enjoying my hand stitching. It was a alternate to Prime day sale. And I looked at a lot. But while I found others that would adjust the lighting levels, only Otts Lite had replaceable bulbs. If I'm going to pay that much for it, I better be able to replace the bulb. And, I guess it's a personal preference, it has a real cord, not a cheap USB cord and box.
Anyways, again, thoughts?


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I have several of both the big floor ones and the desk ones I use for machine sewing. I love them - except for one where the light does not seat well and blinks on and off.


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I have had the floor lamp for a long time; it's wonderful for my sewing. I also a smaller desk lamp and like it as well. The light is gentle on my poor eyes and lets you see more true color than the old incandescent and especially the newer bulbs that are horrible on my eyes. (Really, I tried but they are just awful.) Got a floor lamp for my Daddy a few years before he passed and now my step-mom uses it for her own quilting. In my opinion, it is well worth the price (and I am a terrible penny-pincher).


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I got a surprise today. I thought I ordered the floor lamp. Turns out that it was all 3 in one. If I had known that I would have considered a second one.
Good solid lamp and base although assembly instructions need a lot of work.


Very cool!

Got a link? (Not that i have the money, but it doesn't hurt to dream, right?)



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I wasn't impressed with the site - not a lot of specifics on WHY their lights are better. There is SO much science behind lighting, bulbs, and eyesight. Nevertheless, one of the quilting YouTubers has a small portable Ott's, and raved about it. I'm going to look that light up specifically. if I'm away from my desk lamp, I never seem to have enough light.


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