CRIME Oregon: Moron blows .77 in DUI arrest; reportedly highest ever recorded.


I give up.
:shkr: -- How was he even alive?


February 21, 2021
New Blood Alcohol Record Recorded By "Highly Intoxicated" Oregon Motorist

2/22 UPDATE: Police today identified the DUI suspect as Nathan Danzuka, 28. Danzuka, pictured below, was arrested last year for DUI and reckless endangering, according to jail records.

In what appears to be a new record for extreme DUI, a motorist’s blood alcohol content was measured at .77--more than nine times
the legal limit--after he crashed his car following a short police chase Friday afternoon, Oregon cops report.

According to investigators, the driver--who has not been named pending the filing of criminal charges--was involved in a hit-and-run in Madras, a city 125 miles southeast of Portland.

Upon locating the suspect vehicle, a Ford Explorer, cops sought to pull over the driver, but he sped away. A short chase ended when the man, who cops described as “HIGHLY intoxicated,” lost control of his car and crashed into a concrete barrier.

The driver was subsequently transported to a local hospital for a medical evaluation. A blood sample taken from the suspect was tested and showed his blood alcohol level was .778. The state’s legal limit is .08.

Officers observed “several alcoholic beverage containers within the vehicle,” according to the Warm Springs Police Department.

The motorist, who is facing multiple criminal charges, was driving on a suspended license due to a prior DUI conviction.

Previously, the highest BACs reported in these pages were the .72 recorded by an Oregon woman in 2007 and the .708 recorded by a South Dakota woman in 2009.

Transported a young lady (alaska native) here in home town a few years back. To local small town hospital being bag ventilated then intubated and transferred to large town hospital on a vent to spare our muscles. After 2 hours of intervention a blood draw had her at .76. Beautiful young girl with terminal cirrhosis of the liver at 24 year old.
Original self called complaint was difficulty breathing. Husband was also heavy drinker but at least still working for a living.


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I think .4 is usually unconscious if I remember correctly.
I've heard of some really high ones come into the er from family that worked there.
I seem to recall a .6 that walk in under their own power.


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Takes training to get to tolerate that level. I think the highest I've seen is about 0.56. She was still walking (not well) and talking.


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Back when I was a cop in my younger days, I arrested a guy for DUI at 10am that appeared to be under the influence but not too bad. He blew a .33 and I remember thinking, “he must have a lot of experience drinking to blow that high”.

I can’t even imagine the drinking experience you need to have to function at .77.


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I think different people can have vastly different tolerances to alcohol. In my younger days - and understand that I was mostly a beer guy - I was the one that could drink everyone under the table if the hard stuff came out. It wasn't from lots of practice; I just had/have a high tolerance for alcohol. Similarly, I seem to have a high tolerance to most pharmaceutical pain killers, too.

I'm certainly not saying that I can't get drunk. It just takes me more consumption than the average bear.



He's a pro. Probably hasn't been BELOW .2 in years. Hope they are monitoring him *very* closely in jail; he's the type who will go into DTs and die in withdrawal.

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What ST said.
He could go into DT's WELL above the "legal limit and they would need to plug him in and give him alcohol in the line so they could SLOWLY manage his withdrawl symptoms, cause he could bottom out and die VERY quickly. OR bash his head into something.

I've interviewed some folks who blew 50s's and they were straight as a judge... Appearance ain't everything. ESPECIALLY for PROs.


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Down where I live we have lots of mystery meats that's can't read road signs in English...... they get on da White man's fire water and start driving in the wrong direction and bam.....head on collisions that kill innocent people ....... happens on a weekly basis...................immigration how lovely.


OTOH, a girl we knew in the cattle show world got coerced into trying an everclear infused watermelon when we were all staying at a big fair. She was 14... her BAC was 4.2 when someone noticed she wasn't breathing and called 911. 3 days in ICU, and I gather it was VERY iffy whether she'd survive for the first 24 hours.

Alcohol isn't nearly the harmless "fun" substance most would like to believe.



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Then again it could be the meter needed to be recalibrated?
They should not have told him, OR THE PUBLIC, that he had broken a record for drunkedness!
That is just inviting more trouble, IMO.