CRIME NY Attorney General: RPD sergeant murdered Rochester 911 phone operator


None of us REALLY KNOW what any and all accusations are really ASSUMPTIONS (ASS-U-ME)!!!

Maybe instead of getting "mad" at each other we could be supportive and if someone makes a hurtful remark, ask for clarification.
In view of Mz Kitty's current situation, her conflict and terror over being essentially STALKED, can't you kind of understand her point of view???

I can also understand where you are coming from too ...both BW and Gray Sage, lately, in our world, men have been dumped on so hard by the media, society and women, it must be hard not to be defensive all the time....for any guy that gets accused of stuff.

But let's not rip each other to shreds over a news article!!


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I am NOT projecting my own issues, I was simply trying to help others understand Bible theology.......BW's remark that my quote from CHRIST JESUS was BS, struck a nerve and I was FAR more concerned with helping him understand that concept than ANY concern about who was "right" or "wrong" in this particular instance. What BW was saying was very serious; saying the Bible and JESUS were BS????? To be honest, my concern was for BW!!
I appreciate your concern, but let's please leave religion out of this thread.


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He turned the camera then went in. With a key. Nothing good about that. I can't find one single thing so far to say she was in some kind of relationship with him. Why would you sneak into someone's house at that hour of the morning? If he knew her all he had to do was knock for her to let him in.

Sounds like a long running affair came to end and the black guy didn't like it.
It probably was not the first time he used his key to enter while the husband was stuck inside the prison for his shift.
Women are doing this garden apparatus crap all the time.
I can see this playing out either way. But there is not enough information in the OP for me to form an opinion.