Farm No Honey


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Went to pull honey today from 2 of my hives. A month ago they probably had 25 frames full or almost full with 6-7 capped. Today I found 1 hive absconded and it is completely empty. The other hive had 1 capped frame and 4 or 5 uncapped but mostly full frames. We need rain!!! Going to have to start feeding here soon. Have to tell my customers no honey this year.


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We harvested our about a month ago because we expected the lack of rain, lessons learned the hard way in previous years.

We time our harvest to just before the “bitter weed” and “snow on the prairie” bloom in this area.
Both render the honey unfit for human consumption, bees don’t seem to mind. This year with the drought, and the lack of food for the bees we provide sugar water for them to live on, until/if we get our usual “fall flow”.

I realize you probably know about the “bad weeds” and the effects of not much rain, wanted to include some info for people that might thinking about getting bees.