HELP New computer monitor noy using whole screen

Border Collie Dad

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Just got a new 27" monitor to replace my old smaller one.
At boot up, I let it do it's own detecting and everything was pushed to the left leaving @1/3 of the screen blank.
Optimal settings are 1920x1080.

I started messing with display settings and tried 1280x800.
That fills the screen but doesn't seem quite right
Any suggestions are appreciated

Sid Vicious

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Don't use the cable that came in the box. Go buy a DP or HDMI cable from the box store.

Get something that supports 4k60hz at least.


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Start by identifying model numbers of "screen" and written instructions for setup by the manufacturer.
And then your WIN10 can have different video chips and drivers. 1920x1080 sounds very generic. You need to match specifics.

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Maybe I should look at the instructions?
Heh-heh ---> old Navy saying.......RTFM ( read the f*kkin' manual )

Don't feel bad, I have a relatively new (2 months) computer, and I can't figure out how to reduce the screen brightness.
You've got 2 possible solutions

1) Seeing as you live as far south as you do......go outside and stare @ the noonday sun [ caution.....may see a 'blindspot' thereafter ]

2) Run down to your local garden store and pick up a roll of shade cloth in the 40-60% density range....affix to monitor