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I could sure use some help from our crochet experts. When my husband was born his grandmother crocheted him a blanket and when our son was born she crocheted him a matching blanket. Now that said son is expecting his first child I would like to keep the tradition going and crochet a blanket for baby. I know the basic crochet stitches, single, double, etc. but have no idea how to put them together into a pattern. Would it be possible for someone to look at the pictures and figure out what the pattern is? I’ll try attaching some pictures but if needed I can take some more.


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To me, it looks like a bobble stitch or puff stitch in the middle, surrounded by 5 rows of single crochet or half-double crochet worked in the round, and a fan or shell stitch border.

The puff stitches in the middle are most likely worked in rows back and forth.

I hope that helps.


I'd suggest looking for a similar blanket pattern... it is a very typical baby blanket pattern, and you should be able to find something very close, if not exact. may have something, or simply Google "bobble stitch (or shell stitch, which is similar) baby blanket pattern" and see what comes up.

There are also stitch encyclopedias sold which could help you identify all the stitches...



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shell border, five rows of single crochet stitch, and then puff stitch in the center.

Correction it's a bobble stitch. Google bobble stitch crochet baby blanket it's one of the first three to come up.


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RT 26 minutes

Crochet Shell Border (for the Bubble Puff Blanket) Easy Border Pattern

Crochet along with me to make your very own Bubble Puff Blanket! This super soft, squishy blanket is bursting with texture - combining shell stitches and puff stitches. In this video I show you how to finish your blanket with a pretty shell scalloped border.