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I've decided to write a different style of story, the title is The Alien Whisperer. The story is based on the UFO crash at Roswell in 1947, assume the crash was real and the pilot had a shocking message. Earth is going to come under attack within one hundred years. He accepted a mission to help us prepare. His mission is to take our society from crude jet engine fighters to space warships. From a computer the size of a room to one million times more capable that could be worn on a wrist and AIs and nanites.

President Truman selects an Air Force officer who was an ace in the Second World War to be the alien's interface to the country's companies. Truman was surprised when he learned the alien demanded Stalin agree too, the alien convinced the two world leaders to create a Cold War which would provide cover for massive military budgets.

The alien worked behind the scenes, he helped design Earth's first missiles, and created proxy wars so the major powers could test their new weapons and learn how to fight in different types of wars.

The series is split into three books, the first covers the years 1947 to 1959. Book 2 covers 1960 to 1980 and the third book covers from the 1980's to the arrival of the alien war fleet.

Book one is now available for pre-order. Amazon.com: The Alien Whisperer: Book 1, 1947 to 1959 (The Alien Whisherer) eBook: Ira Tabankin, D. Thompson, Darryl lapidus: Kindle Store