Crime my Grandchildren’s pictures being sent all over world


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Maybe I can get some suggestions since this does concern my grandchildren! A hacker got into my daughters Facebook with my grandchildren’s pictures! Facebook would not do anything to take care and of this when she reported it Numerous times! They say it’s the hackers property now! I tried but they won’t deal with me being the Grandma. Now they tried to hack in my Soninlaw and daughters bank account and changed the address but so far no unusual charges. I thought I would check on her website hat they blocked her on. There are lots on pictures of Chinese girls, some looking underage. One they were in a restaurant and I recognized the Picture of theChinese President On the wall. They look like prostitutes. many comments in Chinese and a few Americans commenting on the girls! My grandchildren’s pictures are on the site! I am afraid this could endanger them! I try to talk to my daughter and she says I am making her upset and there’s nothing that can be done! I refuse to believe this! Any suggestions since Facebook will not help? Oh yes it does say photograph by Child 153.


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That horse is out of the barn. Off the farm. Out of the county. Out of the state. And out of the country by now.

'Scuse me for being blunt, but your daughter SHOULD KNOW BETTER. It's not as if this kind of thing has never happened before.

How to fix it? I have no idea that it CAN be fixed at this point.


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If Zuckerface experiences a whizzer he may get off his ass and do something.

It's for the children.