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My beginning designs


Contributing Member
I have been working on some combined knitting/crocheting designs. I love the look of a lot of crochet stitches, but much prefer knitted rib, and knitted ground. So I decided to combined what I liked from each art.

The first design was a pair of fingerless gloves. I used a beaded crocodile stitch for the cuff, and a 1x rib followed by plain k for the hand. The design is called Castle Rock, Oregon.

The second design was a cap done in very fine yarn. Again, crocodile stitch and knit. The design is called Charity, or South Sister.

The third design was another cap done in worsted weight, the same basic pattern as Charity, adjusted for the yarn weight. This design is Hope, or Middle Sister.

The forth design is a small cross body bag done in crocodile stitch, and linen stitch. I did this in #10 crochet cotton, and the bag is about 4x6, and the name is Tamolitch.

Now I am working on getting the patterns written up, and tested. That is harder than usual because these combined two different crafts, so wish me well.




Veteran Member
I love them, beautiful. I've always wished I could do either well but both my knitting and crocheting is always obviously beginner.


Contributing Member
Thank you.

The only way to improve any skill is to do them a lot. I have been knitting, crocheting, and a variety of other needlework for over fifty years. I STILL end up frogging my work several time when starting a project. And it doesn't matter whether it is my design or someone else's. The other thing I have found, BLOCKING really does make things look much better!



Veteran Member
A friend and neighbor crochets. I keep tagging her to Facebook pictures with crazy socks but so far, it hasn't gotten me anywhere. :) I hate being envious but am of your and her skill. I've tried for 40 years off and on and can't seem to get hang of doing it easily or well. Blocking doesn't even help my stitches.


Girls With Guns Member
Beautiful Jacki! Love the first pic especially. I think you're on to something and thank you for sharing!

I hope to get making more things again once the gardening stuff settles down. :)


Veteran Member
Very pretty!

For you crocheters, here's something you might enjoy:

DH is a teacher. When he taught at a high school in LA, special Ed class, one of his aides remarked how big his feet are, then asked what size shoe he wears.

DH is 6'6" and has feet of an adequate size to hold him up :). He told her that he wears a size 16 shoe.

Lo and behold, at Christmas she brought him a lovingly hand-crocheted pair of blue wool socks. From the tip of the toe to the heel measured exactly 16 inches!!