Misc/Chat My 2020 garden so far


Has No Life - Lives on TB
I'm learning from my mistakes. First of all we planted our tomato plants too close together, its like a jungle, but they are producing.

We planted only three cucumber plants and they have taken off, next year they need a lot more space, I planted three okra plants and for the longest time I couldn't find them, DH found one pod. My yellow squash looked great but only produced four small squash. My zucchine looked good then looked horrible and no looks good but no fruit. DH strawberries did great but the ants ate most of them before DH could get to them.

Some of the corn is tasseling and I can see some corn silk in a few places. I don't know what is going on with the potatoes. My garlic that I planted last fall did really well, first time I've had success with garlic and it was in a raised bed.

The four raised beds DH put in are 6 inches high, which for most things, in my opinion is too low. I was going to do cinder blocks three blocks high for next time, but DH has come up with something better. He has been buying 275 gallon water tanks to store rain water, he got one free that has no cage. He made a frame with treated lumber and cut it in half, which will make two beds. He put cinder blocks one high under the frame and was able to get it pretty much level. Its absolutely wonderful. So we'll have two right now and I'd like at least two more.

We never seem to do well with planting onions, but some bulbs that I planted with the garlic did okay, although nothing more than green onions. Maybe we need to fertlize them next time.

I'm gong to ask him to save the bags the corn and chicken feed comes in to do potatoes in a bag, he thinks it won't work, but I've read many success stories about it.

So far that is what is going on in our garden. Hopefully will do better next time. Although I do want to plant things for the fall. Oh and next year I want to do spaghetti squash.



Has No Life - Lives on TB
I planted three cucumber plants and DH canned cucumber and onions.

Yesterday I sliced 6 (some too thin) into silver dollar slices and dehydrated them. I did not put salt on them (too tired). I did them this way to use them as a substitute for potato chips. DH's keeping chips around tempted me to eat a few with a sandwich (which I don't normally eat). They turned out just fine for the intended purpose, salt would have been better on them though.

Next year I will plant several more plants, cause I can run through these chips quickly. So many more plants if I want to have a supply of cucumber chips.