Planting Moving/Transplant or Cuttings? Sweet Potatoes.


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Boght four sweet potatoe plants in Sprig. Put them in and they are seemingly doing well.

Problem-the Move is upcoming in the next few weeks.

Raised Beds are being disassembled and brought with us.

So need to determine if I can take cuttings, dig out and transplant or sacrifice them.

Going to lose so yard long beans and squashes-both producing nicely but both are growing thru Chicken fencing I use as their Trellises for vertical growing.

I do have either squash or watermelon that has begun sprouting which I will take and about ten or 12 Okra I plan to take as well.


I have only two sweet potato plants doing well now, and two that are not. Here where I am, NW part of central Arkansas, it's too late to plant more, even if they are already rooted. I don't want to use water on something that is likely to freeze before it's matured. So I've been buying a few sweet potatoes at the grocery store whenever I go there, hoping I'll at least have a few that might last to make next years slips.

I'm not counting on getting ANY bedding plants next spring! The way things are right now, I can't imagine there will be any big trucks of plants coming from Bonnie Plants or any other, either.

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As long as some of the roots are in clean water or wet potato bag material and the leaves exposed to sunlight I can't see a problem

I have thousands of sweet potato plants.