INSANITY More insanity! County rewards criminal behavior if you get your jab!


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Disclaimer- I completely agree that getting the jab is your personal decision. But don’t bribe or force it on anyone.
More jab bribery on a local level here in Arkansas.
The following has been posted on a neighboring county's sheriff’s FB page.

“Circuit Judge Tim Weaver and District Judge David Miller have asked the Izard County Sheriff's Office to announce they are implementing a fine forgiveness program for those who have been fully vaccinated or those that become vaccinated for the COVID-19 Virus.
The $200 credit will be given to those who present photo identification and proof of vaccination through November 15.
Individuals with fines in District Court can take the necessary documentation to Judge Miller's Office and those with fines in Circuit Court should present their documentation to the Izard County Sheriff's Office.”


A County in NY state (IIRC) was cutting community service sentences in half for getting vaxxed. Insane!