CORONA More embalmers report bizarre blood clots amid COVID vax campaign

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More embalmers report bizarre blood clots amid COVID vax campaign

'Is something causing people to die prematurely?'

By Art Moore

Published September 6, 2022 at 7:56pm

More embalmers report they have seen the emergence of bizarre "fibrous" clots in a substantial portion of their cases since the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines.

In February, as WND reported, a veteran funeral director in Alabama, Richard Hirschman, said he and more than a dozen colleagues in the industry had been noticing the clots.

Now, the Epoch Times, which has spoke to others who are observing the same phenomena, reports preliminary research suggests the clots are produced by spike proteins in the body. And some believe there could be a relationship with COVID-19 and/or the COVID-19 vaccines.

Hirshman told the Epoch Times that in 20 years of embalming, he "had never seen these white fibrous structures in the blood, nor have others in my field." He said that regardless of the cause of death, he's seeing similar substances in the blood post-mortem, which raises the question: "Is something causing people to die prematurely?"

Wallace Hooker, an expert embalmer who lectures internationally, said he's one of many seeing the same phenomena.

"I have people sending me photos almost every week of what they're seeing," Hooker told the Epoch Times.

In June, a pathologist who heads one of America's leading labs, Dr. Ryan Cole, said he was finding unusually long blood clots, as long as one foot, in the bodies of deceased people who received COVID-19 vaccines.

Cole, who runs Cole Diagnostics in Boise, Idaho, believes the synthetic spike protein in the mRNA vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna are "causing inflammation in the lung, the brain, the liver, the kidneys, the heart; it's causing the same damage that the virus was causing."

However, he said in an interview with, "in the body, the shots are persisting and making more spike protein than if you had a natural infection."

Cole, whose laboratory receives tissue samples from morticians across the country, cited a Stanford University study published in the journal Cell that found the vaccine's spike protein remains in the body for at least eight weeks.

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Cole also cited studies by South African physician Resia Pretorius finding the COVID "spike protein alone causes the proteins in our blood to clump."

"That spike protein is thrombogenic – it causes clots, and it causes a lot of clots," Cole said.

Morticians, he explained in a March interview with anti-COVID-vaccine activist Steve Kirsch, usually "put a dissolving fluid in to break up clots so they can get their embalming fluid in."

And they were getting back pressure on the system, saying, 'What in the world is going on?'"

The morticians, Cole said, ended up pulling out "six-inch clots, 12-inch clots, two to three-foot-long clots."

"Because, you know, from the hip down into the leg, you have a long vein called the saphenous vein. And so they were pulling long clots out of your longer veins. And ... they hadn't seen anything like this previously."

Cole told Hunter of that he's met other pathologists who are seeing the clots but "can't say anything" because they would be fired.

"But we have all these large organizations and institutions in cahoots together with a narrative attacking anybody that speaks against their giant money machine while they're harming humanity, and this is the tragedy in all of this," Cole said. "Doctors are seeing it. Pathologists are seeing it.

"Too many people are silent, and silence is compliance. It's time for people to be courageous."


Saved, to glorify God.
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Just like they did Big Tobacco? And how long did that take....and they are still making cigarettes.....yeah that worked.
ya know... what if some came along and wacked you in the head with a club, damaged you severely... would you if you could during or after the attack want to fight back? take retribution? or would you file a report with the police with a fair understanding that they aren't going to do much of anything?

I keep watching the proverbial Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie at the last minute - she keeps getting away with it. maybe a slap on the wrist or a small fine or some bs settlement at most - and then she does it again.

Me being one of the cooler headed types mind you, sometimes you have to accept getting beaten because it's what adults usually do in order to maintain the general peace.

And how long until Charlie kicks Lucy in the head instead of kicking for the football - some eye for an eye street justice. More and more it's obvious (to me) that nothing changes until and unless there are very real and dangerous consequences to %^&*ing people over.


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Another "science deniers" "conspiracy theory" proven true. Yet again.

Hockey stick here we come. :(
an old hockey coach 100 yrs ago called the Victoriaville and the Sherwood hockey sticks "the great equalizer". went into some detail about how to butt end someones ribs to crack a few, how to crosscheck a face to break a nose, how to slash and back of a leg to bring the SOB down so he stays down. He said sure you'll probably get 5 minutes in the box but the other team will stop smashing your face into the glass from now on.
He was a good coach.


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Stooges, useful idiots and mouthpieces for organized medicine and Big Pharm have badmouthed and ridiculed "anecdotal evidence" for years, while carrying water for the establishment. With Covid, the "anecdotal" has been vilified in an unprecedented way, until the real science, peer reviewed studies and consensus among true medical and scientific luminaries could catch up. Now we've got irrefutable evidence such as covered in the OP staring us in the face, but to the true believers within the medical and scientific community, it's "anecdotal". The same thing has happened with all of the vaccine damage to our children, from autism to death within days of an immunization having been administered.

As I have shared in the past, because of my wife's MS diagnosis years ago, we went deep into research and study, digging for the truth about both our situation, and the corruption within and criminal nature of organized medicine and the big pharmaceutical companies. We did the same thing because of autism and vaccine damage to some of the children in our extended family.

Eventually, it took years, we and our newfound belief system were vindicated at every turn. The people in the system whose "advice" would have crippled or killed my wife have one by one quietly slipped away and shut up, proven wrong time and time again by real "evidence" in the form of my wife living and loving life against all odds, primarily because we rejected out of hand about 95% of what they suggested and would have prescribed, while we studied, just cuz. Over time, we found numerous peer reviewed studies to back up what initially was "anecdotal evidence". Those proven wrong never admit it, whether the evidence be peer reviewed or anecdotal, nor do they reverse their stance for the good of others, they just slip away. We've got a few of them on this board.

We were told within hours of my wife's diagnosis that her case was one of the most aggressive they had ever seen, and that she would soon be in a wheelchair if we didn't put her on one of the CRAB drugs quickly, which we never did. To this day, my wife walks in and out of her appointments with her neurologist under her own power with no cane or walker, having driven herself to the appointment in her own car. She walks past patients in wheelchairs who have come to the same neurologist for years, and who used to walk themselves. We prayed a lot from the outset, and left the entire thing in God's hands - beyond that, the difference between those patients and my wife is that those patients have done everything that the medical establishment told them to do.

Covid has been another huge confirmation that we have made a number of good choices medically speaking, and that to a large degree, the medical community simply cannot be trusted. Over the years, we were astounded at how little they actually know about the human body and how it is healed (despite their arrogance), and how to a large degree they have become nothing more than a delivery system for Big Pharm.

Pay attention to that "anecdotal" evidence with your health care needs, it just might save your life.

Rant off, thanks.
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Just like they did Big Tobacco? And how long did that take....and they are still making cigarettes.....yeah that worked.
The PTB just leveraged the tobacco company’s fines as a huge new source of revenue for the feds and states

The taxes on cigarettes alone has raised the price of a pack from around $1.00 to around $10. My guess is the majority of that goes to da gobberment as revenue
IIRC, The Idaho swamp is trying to revoke Dr. Cole's credentials. The medical community doesn't tolerate any dissent or any speech that contradicts the medical swamp, even in Idaho.
The (carefully embedded) communists will continue to wreak mayhem (from their positions of power and influence), until they are no longer able to do so.

Absolute FACT.

Local, state and/or federal.

We, The People®


von Koehler

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'Is something causing people to die prematurely?'


Neither here nor there.
Of course they are.

Did anyone expect anything else?

I started a thread for this video clip I found on twitter! What was once a wild eyed conspiracy is not a hard reality.