Vote Michigan State Reps in case of legislature elector selection without official pop vote.


There is a possibility that this year the state votes in the swing states are so fouled up that the winner is unclear at the time the vote has to be certified and the electors chosen. In that case the state legislatures will be choosing the electors without the direction of the (highly suspect) popular vote in the state.

These states all have Republican legislatures and there is a chance that they could choose the Trump electors in this case.

The following is a list of the Republican reps in Michigan and their phone numbers.

A gentle reminder of their constitutional duty might be in order. If you call, or pass this list on to those who call, PLEASE DON'T GET HEATED ON THE PHONE or pass the list to anyone who will.
We need to appear to be the reasonable side in this mess.

It is also better if only residents call, that way the reps arent getting pestered by people who can't do anything to their re-election chances.

I got this list off of a post on AR15 and wanted to pass it along.
Lynn Afendoulis R 5173730218
Thomas Albert R 5173730846
Julie Alexander R 5173731795
Sue Allor R 5173730833
Joseph Bellino R 5173731530
Ryan Berman R 5173731799
Ann Bollin R 5173731784
Tommy Brann R 5173732277
Julie Calley R 5173730842
Lee Chatfield R 5173732629
Triston Cole R 5173730829
Kathy Crawford R 5173730827
Gary Eisen R 5173731790
Diana Farrington R 5173737768
Graham Filler R 5173731778
Ben Frederick R 5173730841
Annette Glenn R 5173731791
Phil Green R 5173730476
Beth Griffin R 5173730839
Matt Hall R 5173731787
Roger Hauck R 5173731789
Shane Hernandez R 5173730835
Michele Hoitenga R 5173731747
Pamela Hornberger R 5173738931
Gary Howell R 5173731800
Mark Huizenga R 5173738900
Brandt Iden R 5173731774
Larry Inman R 5173731766
Steven Johnson R 5173730840
Bronna Kahle R 5173731706
Beau LaFave R 5173730156
Eric Leutheuser R 5173731794
Sarah Lightner R 5173731775
Jim Lilly R 5173730838
James Lower R 5173730834
Matt Maddock R 5173732616
Steve Marino R 5173730113
Gregory Markkanen R 5173730850
Luke Meerman R 5173731830
Aaron Miller R 5173730832
Mike Mueller R 5173731780
Jack O'Malley R 5173730825
Brad Paquette R 5173731796
John Reilly R 5173731798
Daire Rendon R 5173733817
Andrea Schroeder R 5173730615
Jason Sheppard R 5173732617
Bradley Slagh R 5173730830
Scott VanSingel R 5173737317
Greg VanWoerkom R 5173733436
Hank Vaupel R 5173738835
Rodney Wakeman R 5173730837
Michael Webber R 5173731773
Pauline Wendzel R 5173731403
Jason Wentworth R 5173738962
Mary Whiteford R 5173730836
Douglas Wozniak R 5173730843
Jeff Yaroch R 5173730820