CHAT memories in a bottle - tale of the 12 Y O pistachio


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well I should have been out mowing fence lines or splitting wood today but here I sat on timewaster2K © because the wind has been howling through the holler all day and I ain't a goin' out in it.

a bit earlier decided I was going to go down in the cellar and get some pistachios to nibble on . . . I find 6 half gallon mason jars - vacuum packed and labeled with date and contents - the oldest is dated 9.5.07 . . . and I am amazed that it hid from me on the shelf for that long.

back upstairs - off comes the band and the lid is lifted . . . the familiar "woosh" of air rushing in to fill an almost 13 year old vacuum tells me we did a good job back when that bottle was put up. and then I begin to think of all that's transpired since it was "put back" . . .

my beloved FIL was still here - though he would pass shortly after on 10.3.07 - rest easy Chief - I've got the watch now
Obama hadn't yet disgraced the white house
I had only been retired a year and a few months
three of my four grandchildren hadn't been born yet - the first born was 9 months old
my son had just graduated high school
my kid sister Denise was still healthy and would be for another 7 years until she got sick in early '13 and passed in early '16
my EX FIL was still here calling to see if we were OK in the mountains when ever it stormed or snowed big - he'd pass in mid '15
my 12 1/2 year old Rottweiler Bo hadn't been born yet - and she wouldn't be for another several months. now she lays here beside me sleeping as I write
me? I was salt and pepper rather than completely white headed

memories and time in a bottle . . . BTW the pistachios were EXCELLENT . . . a testimony to things placed in vacuum sealed mason jars . . .

just thot you'd enjoy these musings - all due to a bottle of nuts that got lost on a shelf a long damn time ago
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Too funny. Yesterday, I finally drug home from Millwright's house the last of the apple butter and apple sauce I had canned. DD was looking at the apple sauce and says...wait, did YOU make this?

Me: Yes, I did.
DD: [sees the date written on top] In 2016?
Me: Yes.
DD: Is it still good?
Me: Of course.
DD: Are you sure???
Me: Yes, child. It's still good.
DD: How do you know it's still good?
Me: Can you get the lid off?
DD: [pulls, tugs, runs it under warm water, can't get the top off] No, I can't.
Me: That's how I know it's still good. :D

I'm gonna have to tell her about this. :lol:


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did yall know that pistahio shells make a pretty good fire starter for a wood stove? save them and give it a try sometime