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Be the Indian not the Buffalo- Bracken

From Western Rifle Shooters

Here is a “Bracken Sends.”

I think Richmond stands to be a bigger and much worse “buffalo jump” than Charlottesville. The very predictable downside risks far outweigh the imagined benefits. Attending a buffalo jump is playing to enemy strength.

Best case: national media portrays thousands of dangerous, drooling, unshaven, camo-wearing, racist mouth-breathers out of “Deliverance,” who are drunk on Wild Turkey and brandishing assault weapons while threatening to murder peace-loving Democrat politicians and people of color.

Probable case: pro-RKBA patriots and Antifas are corralled together again by the uber-PC/SJW led Virginia state police (as in C-ville) for a bloody brawl, which will be blamed 100% on the patriots. State, local and federal LEOs will be undercover among the patriots, and some will be provocateurs. Antifas will infiltrate the patriot side and unfurl Nazi and Confederate flags and throw rocks at the police. Another amped up kid will drive into a crowd, or somebody will pull a gun for a self-defense shooting as has happened before. Richmond will be a ten-pin bowling tournament in a nitroglycerin factory, all on enemy terms. A pure buffalo jump.

Worst case: an Antifa climbs up into a parking garage above and behind the patriots, and dumps a mag of 5.56 into the bused-in Bloomberg-funded “Everytown for Gun Safety” counter-demo made up of cat ladies and college kids across the avenue. The shooter drops the rifle and easily escapes in the crowds, and is never found or discovered. The false-flag massacre of the peaceful “Everytowns” will be 100% blamed on the crazy gun-toting rednecks. False flag ops work and are extremely effective. They are a second-level strategy that are successfully employed in a world of mainly first-level thinkers.

Better idea: promote the hell out of the 1-20 rally in order to bait Antifa into a massive masks, shields and truncheons turnout, but then don’t show up. Let them own the subsequent mayhem. Mass patriot demos in enemy cities 100% controlled by enemy forces and closely filmed by enemy media are pure lose-lose-lose.

If you want to hold an RKBA rally, do it on friendly ground, for example, in a rural county where the Sheriff holds a mass militia/deputizing ceremony, and a thousand patriots are issued badges to go with their AR-15s. Force the enemy media onto our terrain, where we can cut their cables, jam their signals, or just keep them out. Culpeper, yes. Richmond, no.

Be the Indian, not the Buffalo.


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I'd rather be Buffalo Bill/Kit Carson gunning down both the buffalo and the Indians in numbers, but hey, your preferences may vary. ;)