CORONA Masks will be required throughout all of Kansas in public, Gov. Kelly orders


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TOPEKA, Kan. — Gov. Laura Kelly has ordered that every person in Kansas must wear a mask in public spaces starting July 3.

The order includes not only indoor public spaces, but also outdoor public spaces where six feet of social distancing cannot be maintained.

Kelly said more specific guidance will be released Thursday.


....I wish I knew.
Yep, Kelly is a DNC stooge.

The Kansas Minions are choosing sides by the minute.

It's getting uglier by the hour. Almost as ugly as our Governess.


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Yes, I can see it now>>>>>the public swimming pools will require everyone to wear masks while they swim!!
At the local neighborhood pool it's already happened. Masks must be worn on the pool deck. Soon might be in the pool... they kick everyone out of the entire facility after 90 minutes and shock the pool. Everyone has to get back in line to get back in. My niece said her eyes were in bad condition after her first visit.