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Mitch Miscalculated Bigly

By Stu Cvrk | Feb 17, 2021 12:00 PM ET

AP Photo/Susan Walsh
So glad to see President Trump get a second wind now that he has been acquitted for life for a second time! (As an aside, will San Fran Nan make a third try? Entirely possible given the incurable Trump Derangement Syndrome among most House Democrats.) The subject of his ire has become Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (RINO-KY), who stooped to a new low in his post-acquittal floor speech during which he finally displayed his true anti-Trump sentiments:
McConnell said the former president was “practically and morally responsible” for the attack on the Capitol on January 6. …
“This was an intensifying crescendo of conspiracy theories orchestrated by an outgoing president who seemed determined to either overturn the voters’ decision or else torch our institutions on the way out,” McConnell said.
But McConnell wasn’t done, as he reemphasized his disdain on Monday:
“There is no question former President Trump bears moral responsibility. His supporters stormed the Capitol because of the unhinged falsehoods he shouted into the world’s largest megaphone. His behaviour during and after the chaos was also unconscionable, from attacking Vice President Mike Pence during the riot to praising the criminals after it ended,” he wrote.
McConnell’s goal is to separate President Trump from his supporters as a repeat performance of his somewhat successful efforts to destroy and marginalize the Tea Party (who have never really gone away). An organized Tea Party was a direct threat to the political class and McConnell’s key backers at the US Chamber of Commerce. He was happy to reach across the aisle to undermine upstart Tea Partiers who dared to question their “betters” in Congress during the disaster for the country that was the Obama regime. And those “betters” included Establishment Republicans like McConnell, who were ready, willing, and able to make deals with Barack Obama to the detriment of Main Street Americans.

McConnell capitalized on Democrat-media attacks on the Tea Party. After beating down his own Tea Party-backed challenger in 2014, he was happy to work behind the scenes to undercut Tea Party people at every opportunity and elect “his kind of candidates” – those he could control through campaign contributions and other perks – as opposed to the limited government conservatives whom the Tea Party supported. And those senators he has helped elect and reelect over the years provide his power base and bloc support as minority (or majority) leader. McConnell and his cohort are all compromised, and thanks to President Trump, more Republican voters – and other Americans – have figured that out.

McConnell wants to use the same double-barreled strategy (direct attacks in conjunction with Democrat actions) against President Trump’s 75+ million supporters to regain Establishment Republican control of the Republican Party. Except that strategy won’t work this time for a variety of reasons:
  • McConnell’s public attacks galvanize support for President Trump, reminding them of all the reasons they despise back-stabbing Establishment Republicans. And everyone knows a RINO or two in their own home states who fill that bill.
  • The Tea Party morphed into a core element of Trump’s support base, which has the same concerns about political corruption and the ongoing undermining of the Constitution and cultural institutions.
  • The Tea Party-cum-Trump activists are smarter and even more red-pilled than they were in 2009. Once politically awakened and self-aware about Democrat-RINO-media lies, many of the Trump base are never going back to complacency and are hard at work retaking control of local Republican organizations from old RINOs.
  • Trump supporters aren’t just white Republicans; they include a broad spectrum of Americans, including many minorities, independents, and even Democrats (or former Democrats!).
  • Democrat support for BLM and Antifa shocked Trump supporters who support law and order and the police. Trump Republicans aren’t going to give control of their party back to Establishment Republicans, who were virtually silent about the violence in 2020. The only question is whether Trump independents and Democrats will join in that battle, too.
  • Biden’s rash of transparently anti-American executive orders engenders no pushback from Establishment Republicans. Americans are shocked at the destructive actions taken by the left-wing Biden administration. The very public reversal of President Trump’s agenda is an in-your-face reminder of the true Biden-Harris globalist and socialist agenda, and it’s the antithesis of “Making America Great Again.”
  • Trump Republicans are aghast at the perfidy and traitorous actions of RINOs in Congress who voted to impeach in the House and convict in the Senate. Support among Republican voters for a third party is at an all-time high, signaling political disaster for Establishment Republicans and McConnell’s compromise agenda.
  • Their home state Republican Party organizations have already censured many RINOs in Congress who voted to impeach and convict. Home state Republicans know that Establishment Republicans have bailed out on President Trump and are taking action. Primary challengers to some of those RINOs have already declared themselves, too.
  • The Tea Party was amorphous and essentially leaderless, with no real national figure around whom to rally. President Trump isn’t going anywhere and has thrown down the gauntlet!
And that last bullet is the most important roadblock to McConnell’s plans. President Trump’s scathing Tuesday memorandum skewered McConnell up one side and down the other, and by extension, the Biden regime:
Mitch is a dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack, and if Republican Senators are going to stay with him, they will not win again. He will never do what needs to be done, or what is right for our Country. Where necessary and appropriate, I will back primary rivals who espouse Making American Great Again and our policy of American First. We want brilliant, strong, thoughtful, and compassionate leadership.
That excerpt could not be clearer: President Trump is not going to leave the political scene any time soon. His declared intention to support primary challengers to McConnell’s Establishment Republican cadre in the Senate is very welcome news indeed to those Americans who are furious over the raw deal given to their president over the past four years by the political class – especially RINOs and NeverTrump Republicans. If anything, those attacks turned him into a martyr and a legend, as well as the standard-bearer for “draining the swamp.”

McConnell’s petulant remarks on the Senate floor after the Democrats’ impeachment gambit was destroyed by President Trump’s team were prepared in advance. He openly declared political war on someone he thought was completely damaged politically, possibly believing that there would be no resistance or pushback from President Trump. Only a creature of Washington, DC, would think that. One would think that McConnell would have figured out that that is not in Donald Trump’s nature after watching him in action over the past four years!

McConnell is now on the receiving end of a major political counterattack aimed at the heart of his political power from the legion of irate Trump supporters across the country. Neither President Trump nor his supporters are going to go quietly into the night. His base is still loyal, with 53% of Republicans backing him as the Republican presidential candidate in 2024 in a post-acquittal poll. He and his supporters will not let The Hologram and those Establishment Republicans who are rolling over to the Democrats overturn the Trump agenda without major pushback.

The battle for the heart, soul, and future of the Republican Party is on. McConnell miscalculated bigly. It is up to Kentuckians and the rest of us to make him pay dearly. President Trump is leading the way.


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Ben Carson: 'Of course' Trump can come back in 2024

by Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets Columnist |
February 19, 2021 12:00 PM

Ben Carson, former President Donald Trump’s only secretary for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, is convinced that Trump can stage a winning comeback, and he’s making plans to help him.

One of four Cabinet members to serve Trump for the full term, Carson just started a conservative advocacy group, American Cornerstone Institute, that will focus on election integrity as one of many goals.

“One of the things that I'm going to be concentrating on,” he told Secrets, “is election integrity. If we don't get election integrity restored, then we're going to have a monopoly [by Democrats], and it's going to go on forever and just get worse.”

Before and especially after the election, won by President Biden, Trump and his team warned about the games some states were playing to ease mail-in voting, which typically favors Democrats, sometimes bypassing required legislative approval.

“It's the people who have to hold the politicians responsible. And when you cower in the corner and let the politicians dictate who you are and what you must do, you relinquish your power.

And when that happens, you relinquish your freedom,” said Carson, who previously ran against Trump for president and is a renowned retired neurosurgeon.

At the end of Trump’s term, when two Cabinet secretaries quit and his former United Nations ambassador disavowed him over the Capitol riots and Trump’s muted reaction, Carson remained loyal, and he continues to be an outspoken advocate.

Asked if Trump could stage a comeback, Carson said, “Of course. Of course.” He talked with Trump recently and said that the former president is focused on restoring his voice on social media and the 2022 midterm elections.

Carson characterized the impeachment trial as a move by Democrats and Republicans to kill off Trump politically. But he said it did not work. Polls agree. A new Quinnipiac University poll found that 75% of Republicans want the former president to remain as the GOP’s leader.

“That's the reason that you know all this effort was put into this ridiculous impeachment. Yeah, they want to make sure that he stayed in his box and didn't come back because they're terrified. Not just Democrats are terrified, but Republicans who are swamp creatures are also afraid,” Carson said.

Helping Trump and others caught in the social media blacklisting following the Capitol protests is a key goal of Carson’s new group, which is designed broadly to touch on four key principles: faith, liberty, community, and life.
Ben Carson, Donald Trump
Ben Carson, left, and Donald Trump talk during a break at the CNN Republican presidential debate at the Venetian Hotel & Casino on Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2015, in Las Vegas.
John Locher/AP

“It's so important that we have freedom of speech, if you want to talk about a cornerstone. I mean, that is a cornerstone of who we are,” Carson said. “That's a reason that people came to this country from all over the world — because they want to escape tyrannical governments that tried to control every aspect of their life. That's exactly where we're heading.”

For now, Carson said that the country, and certainly Trump supporters, are “in a state of shock.”
However, that could help to revive the former president’s support.

“It's going to sound kind of strange, but in a way, it's kind of good that the Democrats are in control because people can actually see who they are and what it is that they’re trying to do. I don't think most people would have believed it if it hadn't happened. It is happening, and everyone can see it. And once they get over their shot, I think resistance will begin to grow very significant,” he said.


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5 Of 7 Republican Senators Who Convicted Trump Have Been Censured In Home States

THURSDAY, FEB 18, 2021 - 22:40
Authored by Jack Phillips via The Epoch Times,

Of the seven Republican senators who voted to convict former President Donald Trump, five of them have been censured by various state and county Republican Parties or from voters.

On Monday night, the North Carolina GOP unanimously voted to censure Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), who is retiring in 2022, after he voted to convict, despite previously said it was unconstitutional to try a former president.

“By what he did and by what he did not do, President Trump violated his oath of office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution,” Burr stated over the past weekend.

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.), who voted to convict and is up for reelection in 2026, explained that he did so because he “took an oath to support and defend the Constitution, and I take that oath seriously.” However, his move didn’t go over well in the state’s GOP.

The Louisiana Republican Party unanimously voted to censure—or officially condemn—Cassidy for his vote on the same day that he voted to convict the former president.

Before that, the Lincoln County Republican Party unanimously censured Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) for his dismissing the legitimate concerns” of Nebraska’s secretary of state, Nebraska’s attorney general, “and a huge majority of Republican voters,” while it said he failed “to respect the high office of the President of the United States.”

Sasse could be the one who loses the most politically, as some have said the senator could be a 2024 Republican presidential candidate. However, he is likely to face blowback from Republican voters, who, according to polls, view Trump very favorably.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), who faces reelection in 2022, was censured by Republicans in six state House districts over her vote to convict.

“I stand my ground. If I had to take that vote again, I would vote to uphold my oath of office,” she said after voting, according to the Anchorage Daily News. “And, if the party is to censure me because they felt that I needed to support the party, they can make that statement, but I will make the statement again that my obligation is to support the Constitution that I have pledged to uphold, and I will do that, even if it means I have to oppose the direction of my state party.”

In Pennsylvania, the York County GOP censured Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), who is slated to retire in 2022.
“Given his recent support of the second unconstitutional impeachment effort against a president who is no longer in office the York County Republican Committee has reached the limits of its frustration,” Republican state Rep. Dawn Keefer wrote.
Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), a noted Trump critic from within the Republican Party, will not be censured by the Utah Republican Party after the organization said it would not do so. However, a widely circulated petition condemns the 2012 Republican presidential candidate for using “his senatorial power and influence to undermine” Trump.

The state GOP noted that Romney and fellow Utah Sen. Mike Lee (R), who acquitted Trump, cast different votes.
“The differences between our own Utah Republicans showcase a diversity of thought, in contrast to the danger of a party fixated on ‘unanimity of thought,'” the Utah Republican Party said in a statement on Monday, explaining that it won’t censure Romney.
Meanwhile, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) has not faced any punitive actions from within her party or a petition, although the state GOP is reportedly meeting to discuss potentially censuring her.


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“If We Had an Election for Him Tomorrow, He’d Lose in a Landslide” – 3 More Kentucky GOP County Leaders Call on Mitch McConnell to Step Down

By Jim Hoft
Published February 19, 2021 at 6:00pm

The Nelson County Republican Party wrote Senator Mitch McConnell on Tuesday demanding he immediately resign from his leadership position with the Republican Party’s caucus in the United States Senate.

This comes after McConnell’s comments on Saturday and an explosive editorial in the Wall Street Journal viciously attacking and smearing President Donald Trump.

Nelson County Chairman Don Thrasher pointed out McConnell’s “complete and total disdain for the will of your constituents” for the reason for the letter.

** Mitch McConnell’s favorability rating is at 18%, near Liz Cheney territory! There is NO WAY he should be Senate Majority leader!

Now this…

Several more GOP leaders have joined Chairman Thrasher in calling for Mitch McConnell to step down as GOP leader of the US Senate.

Butler County Kentucky

Hart County Kentucky

Simpson County Kentucky


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Former Impeachment Manager won't stop until he can find a way to bar Trump from political life

Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Maryland Democrat, the head of the Trump impeachment team, said live on TV on Wednesday that there is another way they can bar Trump from running in the future.

Raskin stated that Section 3 of the 14th Amendment may be used against the former president in this case.

According to ABC News, this section bars any public official from holding office if it can be found that they had committed "insurrection or rebellion" or if they "gave aid or comfort to the enemies thereof."

Raskin commented, "Donald Trump is right in, you know, the bullseye middle of that group. And so, he really does fulfill exactly the constitutional prohibition there."

"Presumably, it could be done both affirmatively and defensively," he said. "People -- you know if he tried to run for office again -- people could try to stop him in the states.

"It also conceivably could be an affirmative statement by state legislators, by Congress, by other institutions."

"So we'd have to figure it out and do some more research about all of that, but the point is that the constitutional purpose is clear, to keep people exactly like Donald Trump and other traitors to the union from holding public office."

One potential problem with Raskin's plan is that Trump was actually acquitted during his second impeachment trial, which can now be legally used in his favor.


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Pence declined CPAC invitation: source
Trump is expected to address the conference Feb. 28
By Ronn Blitzer | Fox News

Former Vice President Mike Pence has declined an invitation to attend this year's Conservative Political Action Conference, Fox News has learned.

Pence was invited to speak at the annual event but turned it down, according to a source familiar with the event planning.

Former President Donald Trump will be in attendance, however, as he is scheduled to make his first major public appearance since leaving office.

Two sources told Fox News that Trump is planning to address the conference on Sunday, Feb. 28. The event will kick off in Orlando, Fla., on Thursday.

A Pence aide told Fox News Sunday that the former vice president has been intentionally been keeping a low profile, focusing on family and his new partnerships with the Heritage Foundation and Young America's Foundation.

Members of Pence's team had previously said that Pence harbored some "bitterness" toward Trump after the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol building.

"Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace reported earlier this month that according to Pence's aides, Trump's failure to call off the mob and ensure the safety of his loyal second-in-command represented the "ultimate betrayal."

Former Pence chief of staff Marc Short, however, told Fox News on Friday that Pence and Trump still speak.

Trump is expected to talk about the future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement. Also, look for him to take on President Biden's "disastrous amnesty and border policies," according to a source familiar with Trump's speech.

The former president has stayed relatively quiet since leaving the White House on Jan. 20, but he has indicated he wants to stay politically active and told his supporters after his impeachment acquittal the MAGA movement is still going strong.

"Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again (MAGA) has only just begun," Trump said in a statement last week. "In the months ahead I have much to share with you, and I look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve American greatness for all of our people. There has never been anything like it!"


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SMART MOVE: VP Mike Pence Declines Offer to Speak at This Year’s CPAC

By Joe Hoft
Published February 21, 2021 at 4:30pm

VP Mike Pence, who gave up on any aspirations of running for President on January 6th, has reportedly declined an invitation to attend this year’s CPAC in Florida.

Disclose TV reports that VP Mike Pence has reportedly turned down an opportunity to speak at this year’s CPAC in Florida:


This could be because President Trump will be there and he is afraid of the President after stabbing him in the back on January 6th. It also might be because hundreds of American patriots will be there and he is afraid of them after stabbing them in the back on January 6th. It could be both.

On January 6th Pence had the opportunity to be a hero or a traitor:

Unfortunately, he betrayed the President and America:

Pence and the Republican leadership in Washington DC decided not to send President Trump off on January 20th after the election was stolen from him in November. They went to Joe Biden’s lifeless and cold inauguration instead.

They were a few of the few that attended the Biden Inauguration:

Pence is a boring speaker so the good news is those attending the function won’t have to sleep through his speech this year.


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“He Was Incompetent…He Failed…He’s Not a Good Guy” – VP Pence’s Chief of Staff Marc Short Prevented Recounts After January 6th per President Trump Confidant Peter Navarro

By Joe Hoft
Published February 20, 2021 at 2:00pm

Marc Short, VP Pence’s Chief of Staff, worked with Pence in allowing the Big Steal to move forward – He’s “not a good guy” says Peter Navarro.

President Trump’s confidant Peter Navarro was on the War Room with Steve Bannon and he shared the following about VP Pence’s Chief of Staff:
You start with Marc Short is a tool of the Koch Brothers. Who are the Koch brothers? They’re worth $50 billion. David died last year but the network lives. The Koch brothers are the biggest anti-MAGA movement in the whole entire Republican Party.
They were dedicated, both in 2016 and 2020, to wipe out President Trump because they love the tax breaks, they love the deregulation, but what they don’t love is everthing for the deplorables, the fair trade, the secure borders and defense spending…
…The last thing the Koch brothers want is to pay another dime to the deplorables of this country.

Now, Marc Short in 2016 pitched an idea to the Koch brothers where he was going to wipe out the Donald on Super Tuesday. He worked for Rubio and he came into that White House, he was incompetent.

He failed
as a legislative director, he failed running the task force for the Vice President, but he did tremendous damage because what he would always do is block whatever MAGA things that wanted to get done. He really was responsible for some of the failures of that task force to move.

I had to push that task force with memo after memo to get him off his butt and he’s not a good guy.

What Marc Short is about is getting Pence to be President of the United States or if he can’t do that to at least be rich. So that’s his mission…but Mike Pence basically left the Presidential race on January 6th

…What he did that day on the advice of Marc Short was to cut and run from the President of the United States and from the Constitution because you know what was going to happen on that day, Steve. It wasn’t violence it was the Green Bay Packers sweep where we were going to pull six different states and pull those out and force under the Constituion for those votes to be looked at and counted.
And Marc Short, Marc Short was the guy who prevented that and there were people who were trying to get to the Vice President in the last 10 days before that date and Marc Short put a wall about.
See video of the interview below:

Rumble video on website 4:07 min


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REPORT: Blue Collar Voters Are Flocking To The Republican Party

By Mike LaChance
Published February 23, 2021 at 12:14am

In recent years, Democrats have embraced the radical left and there are consequences for this.
Blue collar, working class people are now flocking to the Republican party. Is there any wonder why?

As one of his first acts as president, Joe Biden wiped out thousands of jobs.
NBC News reports:
The GOP is rapidly becoming the blue-collar party. Here’s what that means.
The exit of Donald Trump has brought back a more normal rhythm to politics in Washington, but outside the Beltway, deeper forces are reshaping the partisan landscape.
Data from the NBC News poll shows that the composition of the two major parties is changing, and one massive shift is coming in employment: the kinds of jobs Democrats and Republicans hold. There are signs across racial and ethnic demographic groups that Republicans are becoming the party of blue-collar Americans and the change is happening quickly.
If the movement continues it could have a large impact on the future of the GOP. Consider the scale of the change overall.

In the last decade, the percentage of blue-collar voters who call themselves Republicans has grown by 12 points. At the same time, the number in that group identifying as Democrats has declined by 8 points. Among white-collar voters, the numbers have remained stable, with Democrats seeing a tiny increase and Republicans seeing a tiny drop…
With those voters, the numbers mirror that large-scale shift — a 12-point gain for the GOP.
This is a major political shift and it includes minorities, too.

The Washington Examiner reports:
Blue-collar voters made a major shift from the Democratic Party to the GOP under former President Donald Trump, including those from Hispanic and black demographics.
The percentage of blue-collar voters who associate themselves with the Republican Party has grown 12 points over the last decade, an NBC News poll found. During that same time frame, the number of blue-collar voters calling themselves Democrats declined by 8 points.
The shift holds true across demographic lines, with more Hispanic and black blue-collar people identifying with the GOP.
This could have a major effect on the elections of 2022 and 2024.
Cross posted from American Lookout.


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Don Surber

Monday, February 22, 2021
President Emeritus Donald John Trump

The Washington Establishment keeps yammering about a civil war within the Republican Party. There is no war, just a pathetic attempt by the establishment to hang on to the power it failed to use for 4 years.

This is Donald John Trump's party now. It has been since 2016.

Newt Gingrich, who fought the establishment and won and later lost, recognizes how blind the fake conservatives are to this simple truth.

Gingrich told WABC, "What's very striking is that President Trump still has such enormous reach in the party that nobody can fight him. You can complain about him. You can criticize him. But McConnell can't possibly fight Trump. He doesn't have a big enough base.

"It's also a reminder that there is an establishment insider party that sits around at cocktail parties in Washington. And then there's this huge country outside of Washington. That country in 2015, by about 2-1, did not like the Republican leadership in the Congress. That was the forerunner of us ending up with Trump as a presidential nominee. [Kevin] McCarthy has been much smarter as the House Republican leader to recognize his ability to get the extra seats [to win the House] rests almost entirely on working with Trump, not picking a fight with him."

McCarthy understands that Donald Trump has the votes because Donald Trump was a successful president.

75 million people voted for him, a record for an incumbent president. Even if you believe the election was legitimate, you realize that those 75 million Trump supporters narrowed the Democrat lead in the House, and when they stayed home in January, they cost Republicans the Senate.

I told readers that I did not care who won in Georgia because owning the Senate did us no good for 6 years.

Where's the wall?

Where's the repeal of Obamacare?

Where's the investigation of Spygate?

Republicans promised us everything, but gave us a dud.

Donald Trump delivered, and gave us prosperity and peace.

Donald Trump gave us 3.5% unemployment.

Donald Trump gave us no new wars.

Donald Trump gave us an embassy in Jerusalem, which led to 4 Muslim nations formally making peace with Israel, bringing the total to 6 in 72 years.

The list of his other accomplishments is staggering.

But most of all, President Emeritus Trump gave us leadership. He fought back. He took them all on: the media, the deep state, and the online oligarchs. He had no choice because they refused to accept his presidency.

And by rejecting his presidency, they rejected the American people and the constitutional republic. The establishment finally revealed that the will of the people does not matter to them.

The people are woke to this rejection in Washington.

USA Today reported, "An exclusive Suffolk University/USA Today Poll finds Trump's support largely unshaken after his second impeachment trial in the Senate, this time on a charge of inciting an insurrection in the deadly assault on the Capitol Jan. 6.

"By double digits, 46%-27%, those surveyed say they would abandon the GOP and join the Trump party if the former president decided to create one. The rest are undecided."

Impeachment always is a huge gamble, one that backfired on Gingrich, who resigned as speaker within weeks of Clinton skating on his perjury impeachment.

6 years after the failed impeachment of Andrew Johnson, he came back to Washington as a senator.

By impeaching Donald Trump twice, Democrats made him a double martyr. His record as president and their record of failure (including the Mueller investigation) have elevated Donald Trump to president emeritus.

The USA Today story said, "Trump voters are prepared to punish those who crossed him. Eight in 10 say they would be less likely to vote for a Republican candidate who supported Trump's impeachment, as 10 representatives did in the House. An equal portion, 80%, say the seven Republican senators who voted to convict Trump were motivated by political calculations, not their consciences."

The story also said, "Only 4% say the impeachment trial made them less supportive of Trump; 42% say it made them more supportive. 54% say it didn't affect their support."

Finally, the story said, "By 59%-29%, Trump voters say they want him to run for president again in 2024. If he ran, 76%, would support him for the nomination; 85% would vote for him in a general election."

No one else comes close.

6 of those 7 turncoat Republican impeachment senators faced rebuke back home. Only Mitt Romney was spared.

Instead of fighting Donald Trump, smart Republicans like Kevin McCarthy support him. They realize he offers the only future the party has.

Bums like Paul Ryan punked out on Donald Trump and 75 million Americans.

And McConnell and company failed to give those 75 million people their hearing in December. We are entitled to an investigation of election irregularities.

The only question now is whether people will bother to vote again. And that is a serious question because by refusing to examine the evidence of election shenanigans, McConnell undercut people's faith in the electoral process.

Which is exactly what the Washington Establishment wants. They want us deplorable dregs of society to lay down and die.

I have a feeling that Donald Trump will rally us in 2022 and 2024. He does not need to be the nominee in 2024 because he is our president emeritus.

He earned the title by delivering on his promises.


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Donald Trump faces legal challenges well beyond the Capitol riots: Here's what to watchJeanine SantucciUSA TODAY

WASHINGTON – As the Senate Judiciary Committee weighed Merrick Garland's confirmation as attorney general Monday, the fate of former President Donald Trump also looms for the Biden Justice Department.

Federal judge Garland, who last served in the Justice Department during the Clinton administration and was blocked as President Barack Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court, will likely face pointed questions about Trump during his confirmation hearing.

Trump, meanwhile, has lost any "presidential immunity" in a number of legal issues as he returns to life as a private citizen – not only stemming from his speech on Jan. 6 preceding the U.S. Capitol assault, but also regarding his business dealings and defamation cases for comments he made about women who accused him of sexual assault.
President Donald Trump waves from the Blue Room Balcony in October

As Garland faces senators, here is a refresher on the legal challenges Trump faces:

Manhattan investigation
Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance has been conducting a criminal investigation into Trump and his company’s business dealings, including over alleged hush-money payments made during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign to women who claimed they had affairs with Trump prior to his run for office.

The investigation also extends to Trump’s business. Prosecutors want to obtain years’ worth of Trump’s tax returns, which he never released, breaking tradition with presidential candidates in the past.

The Supreme Court on Monday refused to intercede in the long-running legal fight, clearing the way for New York City prosecutors to enforce a grand jury subpoena for his tax records.
The high court's decision to deny a stay sought by Trump is a brutal defeat after years of trying to keep his tax returns under wraps.

Because of the secrecy of grand jury proceedings, the development does not mean Trump's financial records will become public.

Georgia election fraud investigation
Prosecutors in Georgia have opened an investigation into Trump’s attempt to pressure election officials in the state to overturn the result of the 2020 presidential election, which Biden won by a margin of more than 11,000 votes.

“I just want to find 11,780 votes," Trump told Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in a Jan. 2 phone call.

Earlier this month prosecutors said they were investigating the solicitation of election fraud, false statements, conspiracy, oath of office violations, racketeering and violence associated with threats to the election process.

Trump had repeatedly denigrated Raffensperger and Gov. Brian Kemp over social media, both Republicans, for their refusal to go along with his wishes. Trump claimed without evidence that there was widespread voter fraud in battleground states he lost, including Georgia.

Capitol riot lawsuits
The NAACP and Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi have sued Trump, Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, and right-wing extremist groups for what they say was an incitement to violence during the riot on the Capitol.

A statement by the NAACP quotes Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., in his speech following Trump’s acquittal this month in the Senate impeachment trial over the same issue: “We have a criminal justice system in this country. We have civil litigation. And former presidents are not immune from being accountable by either one.”

“The coup attempt was a coordinated, months-long attempt to destroy democracy, to block the results of a fair and democratic election, and to disenfranchise millions of ballots that were legally cast by African-American voters,” the NAACP statement reads.

Similar to the case made by the House impeachment managers earlier this month, the lawsuit bases its claim on the actions made by Trump in the weeks and months leading up to the riot, which the suit says had a goal of stopping Congress from certifying election results. Trump’s defense team said he was exercising his right to political speech and Trump was acquitted.

Inquiry into potential fraud
New York Attorney General Letitia James is investigating whether Trump and his company committed tax fraud, in a case that began in 2019 after Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen alleged that Trump had lied in disclosures about his assets.
New York State Attorney General Letitia James speaks during a news conference at her office in New York in 2019.

Trump’s son, Eric Trump, took part in an interview last year with prosecutors as part of the investigation after a judge ordered him to appear. A court has also ruled that the Trump Organization must turn over financial documents to James.

Of particular interest is a property in Westchester County, New York.

Defamation cases related to sexual assault claims
Two women have sued Trump for defamation based on his public reaction and denials of their claims of sexual assault against him, which span from the mid-1990s.

Writer E. Jean Carroll and former "Apprentice" contestant Summer Zervos both accused Trump of unwanted sexual contact.

USA TODAY investigation:19 women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct. Here's what their stories have in common.

Carroll, who claimed Trump raped her in the mid-1990s, brought a defamation case against Trump in 2019 after he allegedly slandered her in denying her claims. The U.S. Department of Justice attempted to intervene in the case, but it was blocked by a federal judge who ruled that Trump's comments about Carroll "have no relationship to the official business of the United States."

Zervos said her incident with Trump also happened as part of a job interview, which Trump had scheduled in his private hotel room, and included forced kissing and groping. She sued Trump for defamation in 2017 after Trump called her a liar when she came forward during his first campaign for president.

Trump Hotel
The attorney general of Washington, D.C., Karl Racine, brought a lawsuit that accused Trump and his inaugural committee of misusing funds to line Trump’s pockets by overpaying for the use of the Trump Hotel.

"District law requires nonprofits to use their funds for their stated public purpose, not to benefit private individuals or companies," Racine said in a statement last year. "In this case, we are seeking to recover the nonprofit funds that were improperly funneled directly to the Trump family business."

The Trump International Hotel said that Racine's claims were false and misleading and that the rates charged to the committee were not inflated.

Cohen sues for legal fees
Cohen, Trump's longtime personal attorney, claimed Trump and his company had agreed to pay for his legal bills as he became a focus of investigations by New York City prosecutors and the Russia special counsel's office during the first half of Trump's presidency.

But Cohen said the Trump Organization abruptly stopped paying after he turned on the president and began telling friends and family he would cooperate with prosecutors. His legal bills totaled nearly $2 million.

Family dispute
Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, brought a case against the former president claiming that he and other relatives cheated her out of a family inheritance. Mary Trump is the author of a tell-all book on the Trump family, portraying it as dysfunctional and plagued by a focus on backstabbing and money.

Trump, his brother Robert, and sister, former federal judge Maryanne Trump Barry, portrayed themselves as Mary Trump's protectors while secretly taking her share of minority interests in the family's extensive real estate holdings, according to Mary Trump's lawsuit. Robert Trump died in August.


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Neocon Rep. Liz Cheney Continues Using Liberal Talking Points to Trash Republican Voters

By Cassandra Fairbanks
Published February 24, 2021 at 10:55am

Neoconservative Rep. Liz Cheney continued her rampage of trashing Republican voters on Tuesday, saying that we need to “make clear that we aren’t the party of white supremacy.”

Cheney has clearly picked up the Democrat talking point that everyone on the right is an “evil racist” for not pandering to the left’s nonsense.

The neocon voted to impeach President Donald Trump, supposedly over what took place at the Capitol on January 6.

Appearing at a Reagan Institute event on Tuesday, Cheney reiterated that the Capitol protest “cannot be minimized.”

“We will make our party worthy once again of the mantle of Lincoln and Reagan,” Cheney said.

The egomanical politician failed to explain how she will do that with 73 percent of Republican voters and 62 percent of all voters in Wyoming expressing an unfavorable view of her and her dated policies.

Only 10 percent of Republican primary voters and 13 percent of general election voters have said they will vote to reelect her.

The neocon, just like her father, continued on to say that we need a “9/11-style commission” to investigate what happened, adding, “It’s very important for us to ignore the temptation to look away.”
“It’s very important, especially for us as Republicans, to make clear that we aren’t the party of white supremacy. You certainly saw anti-Semitism, you saw the symbols of Holocaust denial, for example, at the Capitol that day. You saw a Confederate flag being carried through the Rotunda. And I think we as Republicans, in particular, have a duty and an obligation to stand against that, to stand against insurrection,” she added.
State Senator Anthony Bouchard is challenging Cheney in 2022, citing her opposition to Trump. Unlike Cheney, he grew up in a blue-collar family and went on to start Wyoming Gun Owners before becoming a state senator.

“Wyoming taxpayers need a voice in Congress who will stand up to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, and not give them cover. That’s why I’m running for Congress,” Bouchard’s statement added.


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“There’s Not a Single Piece of Advice that Lindsey Graham Has Ever Given the President, President Trump, That I’ve Ever Agreed With – He’s Just Poison” – Peter Navarro

By Joe Hoft
Published February 28, 2021 at 2:11pm

Peter Navarro was on with Steve Bannon at the War Room this past week and he called out Lindsey Graham.

Dr. Peter Navarro shares with Bannon:
Lindsey Graham is a problem at this point for me. Lindsey Graham is DACA. Lindsey Graham is the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee that spent four years promising to prosecute people like Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Page, Strozk. He never did it. I don’t understand why. Lindsey Graham is the guy who advised the President not to present an affirmative defense about the fact that that election was stolen from him. And the fact that he flits around and still is in the Trump orbit, I think that’s a big problem. Because there’s not a single piece of advice Lindsey Graham has ever given the President, President Trump, that I’ve ever agreed with. He’s just poison.
2:28 min

For years we asked when would Graham be held accountable for the many promises that he never kept?

Graham was never held accountable and now look where we are. We have a justice system that doesn’t care about crimes, only political attacks against good Americans, thanks to Lindsey.