CRIME Main Rittenhouse trial thread - NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS


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Ah poor wittle Newsom..he thinks only he and his ilk should have power..just wait until he finds out it's a life for a life when evil takes someones children via a shot of another type.

Someone, somewhere is gonna go after these people pushing the suicide shots after one of their loved ones dies from it.

Sad state of the world right now...

Still a long way to go before being caught up on the reading...but just had to say, "That's what I call, 'going Mack Bolan' on 'em".


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I (like many others) prayed that God would intervene on Kyle's behalf. He should have never been charged in the first place.

I do believe that God heard all of our prayers in this case, and (at least) we have a small victory in favor of liberty and freedom in this country, and an innocent young man is walking free tonight. Thank God.

Now, the enemies will do all within their power to continue the war on so many other levels.

Stay vigilant, arm up, work on preps and be willing to take a hard & determined stand against the enemy - they lost one battle, but they will continue their rabid pack attack with even more viciousness now.

Dark Winter is coming. Plan accordingly.


I am the Winter Warrior
Yes, I heard him. And I wondered why it was added at the end. I haven't heard any analyst mention it. It must have a specific reason. Let me know if you hear - I'll do the same.
This is the second time I've seen this mentioned. I thought somebody would have answered it by now. What that phrase means is that Kyle Rittenhouse CANNOT NOT charged with these crimes and tried again. This whole scenario is off the list now. If they arrest him again, it'll have to on charges that are not associated with this riot.


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So, FOXnews said the White House will be making a statement soon? about the verdict.

I suspect they will stoke the flames, but I hope not.

ETA: is there anything the FEDs can go after him for? If so, I suspect Biden or Merrick will be all smiles.
Ha Ha sleepy Joe has already had his ice cream, had his depends changed and is snoring like a baby. My guess it will the WH press secretary. I don't know what federal charges they could bring him up on, but I would not put it passed them to drum up some charges just to keep him locked up.


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Not so fast….
The feds want to set an example.
Watch for the feds file charges for violating the scumbag rights.
I believe a civil rights charge would require that Kyle be a government agent/employee, which he is not. The only avenue that I see them going down is through the ATF in relation to the straw purchase of the rifle in the first place. But in this trial the notion that he illegally possessed/purchased the rifle was thrown out under WI law.


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What was the significance of this statement at end by the Judge. If I'm not mistaken, its not standard with a not guilty verdict.

Its almost as if it has some legal meaning in the future in addition to the "not guilty"

Anyone know?
The judge said it specifically. I'm going to assume that it opens the door for Kyle to go after the DA also.
I don't *know*, but I think it closes the door on any possible appeal of the verdict by the prosecution...

Per Google:

For a case to be dismissed “with prejudice” means that the case is dismissed permanently, it cannot be brought back to court, and the charges cannot be refiled.


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I'm very happy for Kyle.
I do very much expect this regime to hound him for as long as they are in power. I expect federal charges, and for them to shred the constitution.