Solar Low Solar Activity to Cause Temperatures to Plummet, Say Scientists


Are you sure about that?
BTW, this thread has pushed me over the edge in a good way. I've been eyeing some options on hydroponics kits, I will be picking one and getting it ordered this weekend.
Grr... I didn't get there yet. So many options, it locked me up on making a choice.

TB'ers - can anyone recommend a system that is is good for growing basic food and is fairly simple to implement? I want to grow stuff like lettuces, tomatoes, carrots, etc.

Basically, I want to grow salads. Maybe some stuff like strawberries.


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My daughter has been messing around with the Kratky (sp?) system in her closet doing greens. She just has a little grow light. It works, we got salad a couple times. She wants to expand this winter so we will see how it works. Her goal is to get enough greens for a salad for us 3 days a week. There is a guy on here Stan something or other that I believe is a big hydroponic s guy. He did some posts a while back in the Gardening section.