Weather Lots of strange, severe weather around the country all around the same time


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Within the past few days, we've seen a lot of very severe storms around the country. A derecho in PA/NJ, strong storms in DC, other locations in the midwest/east. In my area (NW MO) we've had two nights in a row (last night and the night before) of severe storms - 60-70 mph winds, torrential rains, large hail, some tornadoes, trees and power lines down all over the place. Then today, I saw this weather radar from a Kansas City station of two thunderstorm systems approaching each other from opposite directions a couple of nights ago. Can't say I've ever seen this before, and even the meteorologist called it bizarre.

Makes me wonder if HAARP isn't being played with.



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That, covid, riots and what looks like a coup make me ask if we are under God's judgment.
There are those who say, "Thy will be done", and those to whom God may say, "Fine. Have it your way."

Kathy in FL

Has No Life - Lives on TB
The two back to back tropical storm/tropical depression systems are a part of that. We've been in desperate need of rain in my part of Florida and we are now getting it but the ditches and wetlands still have a long way to go to refill.


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That, covid, riots and what looks like a coup make me ask if we are under God's judgment.
There are those who say, "Thy will be done", and those to whom God may say, "Fine. Have it your way."
Well, I am under the strong impression that we are- Under God's Judgment, that is. It is very Humbling to prayer and say, "Thy Will be done." I admit that at times, I fail and do it my way, and I am working on that.


Are you sure about that?
A cool front is blowing through my position on the Texas Gulf Coast. 78 degrees F at this time, and a stiff northwest wind.


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Central Southern MO...frying in heat and humidity for the past few days and nights...high winds, for here, now we're getting our flannels back out as it's closer to Nov weather today...geesh!


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Heck of a windstorm here last night. I had to bring my lgd in last night because he wouldn't be safe with all the limbs torn down. And this morning found 7 of my special chickens gone due to a coon. I'm pissed of course they were mostly hens

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Saw on the Weather Channel this morning that we had three distinct seasons in one day yesterday. Winter in the west (Co< MT, ID, WY - we got snow in the higher elevations in CO). Spring in the middle of the country and of course Cristobel (Or whichever tropical storm this was) in the East.


94 degrees today, high of 72 tomorrow, and expecting low 40s over the weekend! Crazy weather...



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And the beat goes on...

High winds and storms knock out power to over 30,000 in West Michigan
by Andrew Minegar | Newschannel 3
Tuesday, June 9th 2020

There were many power outages as storms blew through West Michigan Tuesday.

The storms blew down power lines on June 9, 2020, causing widespread power outages for over 30,000 energy customers.

Our news crews drove through Portage looking for storm damage and found several trees were blown over due to high wind gust.
One tree even landing on a home off of South Shore Drive.

Another tree off of Angling Rd force the road to close, it also caused power to go out around 7:00 p.m.

Consumers Energy reported 27,469 customers without power by 9 p.m. Tuesday. Indiana Michigan Power reported nearly 4,000 customers without power in Michigan.

As of 11:30 p.m. Consumers Energy is reporting just over 25,000 customers are still without power.

Indiana Michigan Power has a power outage map to determine when the power could be restored.
Consumers Energy also has a power outage map online that gives an estimate when power could be restored.

If you do come across a downed power line call 911 and 800-477-5050 and stay at least 25 feet away from the downed power line.

Anyone in the area of Indiana Michigan Power should also call 911 and 800-311-4634.

Traffic lights could also be out in areas without power.

Watch for power crews and utility workers along the road.