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We just received a report from our county election officials. We had 68% voter turn out with a population of 62,000 registered voters. note: i have rounded the numbers for ease of use.

What was of interest was there was 250+ voters who voted in our county that are not residents.

The question was raised as to how or why were they allowed to violate the Georgia law on voting. It turns out that we have a group of people (5 total) who decide if a vote is allow or not when questioned. Standard fare for our state so nothing special there. What is interesting is that there was that 2 of them group was out sick and unavailable both Republicans.

So when the votes were review it was decided by a 2-1 vote that the votes would be allowed despite the law saying they should not be allowed. Want to guess the party affiliation of the 2 who voted to accept? Yep they were Dims.

It was noted that there are 159 counties in Georgia and that such actions / allowing of illegal votes if of similar levels / ratios in each of the counties, it was more than enough to sway the election from Biden to Trump.

There are now a number of people who are questioning why the votes were accepted and to dismiss the two who broke the law. Also, they are asking that the 250+ voters be questioned to verify if their votes were truly illegal or not as on the surface they do appear illegal.

Who knows? We may actually be doing something about the election problems.